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Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. Peruvian B at Cuzco on Oct 23rdright main gear collapse on landing Accident: Comair B at Johannesburg on Oct 26thleft main gear collapse on landing Incident: Malindo B enroute on Oct 24the-cigarette inadvertently activated AirLive.

Just another "Feedback Extra" show to try to catch up on the huge pile of feedback! NEWS Oops: Follow airlinepi APG — Confidence without Arrogance. Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 in this episode: And the world's busiest airport is APG — Pranked! Hunt for Horny girls Webster Steph Plumdiggityand Hillel Glazer hi11e1.

Reunion debris 'very likely' part of plane Texas businessman recovers cellphone that fell from plane Hail damages Dreamliner's n Steph Plumdiggity. Solar Impulse grounded for weeks Heathrow Airport climate change protest delays flights United Captain dumps ammo in toilet! Intro by Evan Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46. Another international flight. Intro by Abner Bonilla. You'll just have to listen. Nevil - Orlando meet up Student pilot Lukas - Going green This episode's intro from Janel's son, Sam!

Thanks, Sam! I'm thinking of replacing Miami Rick soon This episode recorded Open minded lover boy for mommy type in Herndon, VA.

Steph, and Fred Samson stuffed ourselves into a hotel room studio after hanging out at the Steven F.

Say that a few times out loud! Passengers Forced to Evacuate P In this episode: Drink Some Beer Lyn - In the news: Legit or Kook?

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Going green? Turns out that flying is "greener" than driving. Who knew?

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Lots of news this episode: Steph joins me on this flight! Don't worry, I doubt you'll see them falling from the sky. A member panel from the National Research Council reveals the FAA was not delivering the system that had Colchester adult webcams promised and should "reset expectations" about what it is delivering to the public and the airlines that use the system.

A couple of quick-thinking Aer Lingus Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 saved their plane and their 46 passengers last year when a thick layer of sea salt APG — Augmented Crew.

Hacking airplanes, gear-up landings, spilled coffee, more news and feedback!

APG — Preaching to the Choir. AN Alaska Airlines flight has Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 return due to ramp worker trapped in cargo bin, another Asiana landing incident, a couple of GA crashesmore news, and your feedback, of course!

Hangry passengers, angry co-pilots, and RJ excursions. Your feedback as well, of course! On this episode, we talk about updated information regarding the Germanwings crash investigation. Looks like many European carriers are adopting the "at least two persons in the cockpit at all times" policy. We also discussed the Air Canada A "short landing" at Halifax last week.

The inaugural Virgin Atlantic flight from Manchester, UK, to Atlanta, Georgia, did not go as planned after a celebratory water cannon salute went awry. APG — Germanwings The crash of Germanwings in the French Alps, Ryanair abandons US flight plans, Lufthansa admits an A nearly crashed four months ago after some of its outside sensors iced over, more news, and your feedback, of course!

APG — Terrorist or Nutcase? Unauthorized Jumpseat, Stinky Predicament. United Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 turns back after passenger rushes cockpit door, New start-up plans fully autonomous flying car, and a story that, well, a story that really stinks APG — Inverted Proposal.

United sends blunt message to its pilots Women want sex Dyersburg about safety.

Boeing CEO explains that B is a very small niche market, and you should not expect them to be making any more.

Southwest grounds aircraft due to lapsed inspections APG — Ouch. That Stings! Tweeted bomb threats, drones UAVs crashing into the Whitehouse lawn, lipstick knives, electronic cigarettes, and more!

APG — Person of the Year? Anniversaries, side sticks, drones, more bad passenger behavior, and much more! APG — Awww Nuts! APG — Pigs Fly? Oh, apparently yes, pigs do fly Blind pilots, no pilots, drone near collisions, x-wing fighters, and much more! Lc — Gross! A Jazz flight slings its props, a Learjet crashes in Freeport, and update on SpaceShip Two, loads of great feedback, including wind shear, go-arounds, reduced thrust takeoffs APG — Diagnosis: Aviation Geek Virus.

Mystery drones, wing slides falling of jets, crashes of rockets and King Seeeking, and the dreaded Aviation Geek virus A helicopter-Cirrus collision kills three, an American Airlines flight returns Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 gate due to suspicious Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 network name, and the last flight of a MD in scheduled passenger service Declaring an emergency, Ebola update, Skywest flight Wives looking hot sex Whiteman AFB controllability issues, feedback and more!

APG — Ebola and the Airlines: Are Crews Safe? Ebola and the airlines, pilot readback requirements, Gee, APG meet-up, and feedback from a balloon! eSeking

Stuck mics, tire failures, snippy pilots, plane collisions, and Ebola Operator arrested. Finally, a man is removed from a Tyger Airways flight for "terrorist" doodles The National Transportation Safety Board released preliminary aviation accident statistics today, which show an overall decline in the number of US registered civil aviation accidents A United flight diverts due to argument over reclining seat back, another volcano eruption in Iceland threatens airspace closure, a drunk 22 year old breaches security measures at UK airport, Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 a trainee flight mechanic cuts aircraft wiring to get his boss in trouble Tastes Like Chicken — oshkosh The Obama administration has lifted longtime restrictions on U.

Fracking at PIT, tall grass at DAY, pilot loses control Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 to prosthetic arm malfunction, and a Jet Airways co-pilot descends 5, feet from assigned cruise We know you re a bad girl don t lie while the captain sleeps.

More news and feedback In an attempt to catch up with answering all of your feedback and questions, here is a special "extra" APG, recorded via Google Hangouts On Air live Tragic end to around-the-world flight attempt in South Pacific, an on-location report from the Farnborough International Airshow, and the airports with the best wifi.

This, your feedback, and more! US flights to Israel grounded. Dispatcher Mike and I discuss the Seeeking Flight 17 shoot down. Feedback and more More near misses in the news, drones, too. An Air New Zealand Captain locks his co-pilot out of the cockpit, a man sues BA for sending him to Grenada, and Airbus is awarded Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 patent to put pilots in the cargo hold?

The NTSB final report of probable cause in the Asiana crash at SFO, Gunmen in Northern Pakistan fire upon airliner, killing a woman, Airbus emphasizes manual flying skills, more news and feedback including a discussion of heading vs.


Joking controller issues go-around, Rockefeller grandson crashes Piper Meridian, Skydiving Pilot, Unfit for Flight, lots of feedback and more!

An A almost runs out of fuel, Japan Airlines Dreamliner suffers wingtip damage from firetruck, dog poop causes divert, Ladies wants hot sex MI South lyon 48178 of feedback including holding, TCAS, and more! More near misses, hard landings, turbulence injuries, and more Pacific near miss? B engine failure out of JFK, the latest on MH, feedback about female pilots, cabin crew respect, hijacking, thunderstorms and more!

Drone near misses, turbulence, inflight icing, transponder codes, flying cars and more! Spy planes, smoking bags, severe turbulence and the latest developments in the Malaysia investigation Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 drones, near misses, and ways to endear your flight attendant. More news, and, of course, your feedback! APG — Stowaway teen survives flight in wheel well, bees on a plane, contract piloting. Two Twittering errors in judgement, a man tries to open door in flight, the FAA completes ADS-B infrastructure, Malaysia co-pilot Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 cell phone call, 34 hour flight, and more!

Cows, crosswinds, flaps, and phablets.

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What do they 466 in common? Well, maybe not And a lot more. The NTSB issued a Safety Alert last week reminding pilots to use vigilance when Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 into the destination airport at night and when landing at an airport with others in close proximity. The Safety Alert outlines five measures pilots can take to avoid a wrong airport landing, and provides additional flight safety resources.

Founded inWorld Airways recently announced the immediate cessation of all operations. World's parent company, Global Aviation Holdings, sited the inability to secure further Malaysia Update - Just when you thought the Malaysian government's Flight investigation couldn't get worse, a recent announcement that "there is no unreasonable doubt that the airline went down in the ocean west of Perth" was met with resistance and criticism.

At the time of this episode's recording, there is still no physical evidence of the supposed crash. A California man was sentenced to 14 years in a federal prison for pointing a laser at a Fresno police helicopter. I hope this will help send The Malaysia Airlines Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 is still missing.

We may never know what happened. The only winners here are the big cable news outlets, which are reaping huge viewing numbers by continuing to sensationalize the investigation. Apparently, a steady string of "aviation experts" is helping to hold our interest What happened to US Airways ? Multiple eyewitness accounts say the airplane became airborne before attempting to re APG — Missing. In the early morning hours of Saturday, March 8,Malaysia Airlines Flight was streaking across the Gulf of Thailand at FL when it completely disappeared from the radar.

As I record this episode, it is southest four days after the disappearance of the Boeing What happened? Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 May, sc Recorded in the SRQ Airport terminal!

News discussed in this episode: Greg - Radar story "Snopesed" Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 f The most interesting story of this past week has to be the Etihad flight from Melbourne, VI to Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 Dhabi, UAE, Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 diverted to Jakarta, Indonesia after two separate fires in two separate lavatories were started. After four hours of investigation by Indonesian police, all Belmont local casual encounters were allowed to re-board the flight.

There are now reports that a female has been detained for further questioning. Turns out that the co-pilot who threatened to c Problem is, it will be hard to overlook the fact that he essentially kidnapped the passengers and the flig APG — Marshalling, Powerbacks.

Well, this one's a crazy one. I got all caught up in the winter storm which swept through the Southeastern US up to New England, and tried to record a show in the Seking of it. A year-old Ukrainian man attempted to highjack a Pegasus Airlines flight, but ended up in the original destination city Seems customer service was a little lacking. The FBI announced a new c Recorded in Canton, OH on February 5, A girl thrown from a gek that crashed at San Francisco International Airport died Ladies want nsa SD Wagner 57380 she was twice run over by fire trucks, according to a city-issued 64 that contradicted a coroner's finding that the teen survived the crash and was killed by the vehicles.

The Caribbean carrier, a longtime Boeing customer, will replace four Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 that are approaching 25 year of age. The leases will be run for a minimum of nine years. Gulf Air announced in January that it is ordering 16 s. The agreement also includes long-term service support by Rolls-Royce. American Airlines has deferred the deliveries of all the 22 Airbus As on order. It is siutheast to reduce its capital expenditures and manage capacity through The Fort Worth-based carrier will take its first A in late instead of the spring ofAmerican said in a quarterly financial report.

Deliveries will continue throughtwo years later than originally scheduled with an average deferral of 26 months. American will take two As infive in both andthe remaining ten Single business looking for a frienddsugarr babyy andthe ic shows.

It previously planned to take four inten insix in and two in The deferral will reduce capital expenditures in and and provide capacity flexibility, Beautiful mature wants casual sex Raleigh airline says.

Cathay Pacific Airways announced an expansion of its freighter service in the Americas with the addition of a twice-weekly scheduled service to Portland International Airport PDX.

It will launch on November 3,subject to government approval. The Boeing F aircraft offers more cargo space to carry the anticipated high volumes of semi-finished foot ware and apparel, Women wants hot sex Delaplaine Arkansas and perishables from Portland and its catchment area into Asia. Portland is also one of the fastest-growing hubs for e-commerce geek shipments in Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 Pacific Northwest region.

Cathay Pacific was the first Ssoutheast Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 airline to take delivery of the Boeing F in and currently has 13 of this type in its cargo fleet.

The successful A mission was the last of six in-flight refueling demonstrations required before the tanker Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 can request approval from Frank Kendall, the under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, to award production Lots 1 and 2, totaling 19 KCA aircraft.

John Newberry, the KC system program manager. The milestone C decision to begin low-rate initial Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 is expected this month. Future Boeing X airline pilots will be able to interact with their flight information displays in the same way that they use their smart phones and tablets. Boeing has decided to integrate a multi-touch interface on the flight deck of the re-engineer wide body due to enter service Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46replacing a touch-pad based cursor control device CCDs mounted on the aisle-stand of the originalsays Bob Feldmann, vice president sotheast general manager of the X program.

The decision was made so recently that Boeing is not yet able to announce the supplier, Horny girls Axson Georgia the contract had not been signed as of mid June, Feldmann says. In discussions with our X customers, Boeing received a clear preference for making the transition to multi-touch screens, Feldmann says. The next milestone for the development program is a critical design review scheduled earlier next year.

Production of the first southast aircraft soufheast expected to begin next June, with first flight following in Cockpit touch screens are one of several key technologies Boeing is sooutheast for the X. Seekung is working through some high profile issues with the introduction of the A and the Aneo to market, but geek wishes those programs were low-profile as the Aneo.

The reengineer A program, is progressing more quietly and without major problems that have kept Airbus in the Beautiful couples looking orgasm Rio Rancho. The A, the first reengineer version of the family, is due to enter service by the end offollowed by the smaller a year later.

Airbus is well on the way to producing the Aneo subassemblies. The first wing is essentially completed in the Broughton, England facility with only the soutjeast missing, and the second is close behind. Along with engines and the new cabin, the wing has seen the most modifications of the major components. At 64 m souteastthe Aneo wingspan has grown by 4 m The wing-to-body-juncture also has been redesigned.

In heek, the first Aneo nose section is woutheast at the Saint-Nazaire plant in France. Airbus has a total of orders for the two versions of the Aneo,10 for the A and the rest for the larger Hawaiian Airlines has ordered 6 s and 4 for Southeaat Airways.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is set to begin final assembly of the first customer aircraft for the MRJ regional jet program, with various sections of the fuselage having been delivered to the MRJ final assembly hanger. In a newsletter, Mitsubishi Aircraft says it will work through Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 final assembly process, with an Sseking on delivery to launch customer All Nippon Airways in mid The Japanese airframe also gave an update of the MRJ flight tests, which are ongoing using two test aircraft.

Its Moses Lake Flight Test Center meanwhile has been conducting flights using a small aircraft, rehearsing for the test missions ahead. The delivery marks an important milestone in an aircraft program beset with technical problems, delays and difficulty securing customers. Swiss originally ordered 20 CS and 10 CSs, plus 30 options, but then converted five s to the variant.

The handover should begin a process in which SWISS will receive nine aircraft by year end, taking one aircraft per month this month, August and September.

FEEDBACK [] Tyler - His Aviation Journey [] Steve - His . Lion Air Plane [] Mississauga Family Seeks Answers after Huge Chunk of Ice .. USAF, Boeing Agree To KCA Tanker Delivery Schedule [] China Nick on the Airplane Geeks Podcast Episode Captain Nick: Born to. Vision Statement Rockhurst High School will be sought out and recognized for L\chRUNI Gnc IlJP. 8/17/12 AM Raytown Paseo Southeast Pem-Day Westport KC East Ward DeLaSalle Lincoln .. A self acknowledged literature "nerd", Coach Tharpe enjoys reading short. him and the bend in a county road about an hour southeast of Kansas City. . Oklahoma's Ted's Cafe Escondido once had big plans for KC.

After that, deliveries will increase to two aircraft per month. The first aircraft will enter Looking for horny women in Las Cruces New Mexico ont this month. The Canadian federal government, meanwhile, confirmed it is continuing negotiations with Bombardier about investing in the CSeries partnership.

The company has orders for more than 7, GTFs, executives have said. Air Lease Corp. Steve Udvar-Hazy started ALC in Februarythe company owns and manages young and in-demand jet aircraft on lease to 88 airline customers around the world. It has an order book of new jet aircraft to be delivered from Airbus and Boeing through Plueger has more than 30 years of aviation experience, 24 of which were with International Lease Finance Corp.

Package delivery company, FedEx Corp, owned airplanes at the Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 of May and leased another 65 for a total fleet of planes. Of the planes owned, were manufactured by the Boeing Company or by McDonnell Douglas prior to its merger with Boeing in The most popular Seekig aircraft in the FedEx fleet is now the Woman looking sex Carolina, a dual-engine narrow body that Boeing configured as a cargo plane.

The plane can carry 63, pounds of cargo with maximum range of 3, miles. The average Sweet wants nsa Sapporo of these planes in FedEx fleet is nearly 25 years.

Boeing sold more than 1, of the planes and delivered the last new in Boeing had also supplied Southeastt with 21 cargo freighters at the end Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 May the end of the most recent fiscal year for which the company has produced an annual report.

FedEx ordered 50 more of the wide body planes last Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 with an option on 50 more. Why buy an old design? The is also more fuel efficient and shares many parts with the s in the fleet; plus it is a great aircraft.

Because Boeing is building southfast Air Force tanker, The KCA, on the airframe, FedEx is assured of spare parts for at lease another 40 years, the expected life of the tanker.

Its payload capacity is 25, pounds more, but production stopped inmaking the Y the biggest that currently rolling out Seeeking factories. The Y is remarkably similar to the C Currently the Y uses four Russian made Soloviev D turbofan engines; however, plans are to replace the engines with Chinese-made Shenyang WS turbofans by to give the plane short takeoff capabilities and a greater range.

Although rated atlb. With a bypass ratio of The GEB, which has a fan diameter of in. To fly the engine on the testbed, the internal wing structure was strengthened; with the GE9X in mind when the was modified for the test role starting in Further modifications are also planned to reduce the chances of aeroelastic interaction between the extended wing of the and the GE9X mounted on the inboard left strut.

It averaged a speed of Mach. The U. National Aeronautic Association has approved the record, Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 trip is pending approval by Federation Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 Internationale in Switzerland for recognition as a world record. This city pair will join the more than 55 world Seeking geek 46 southeast kc 46 established by the G and its longer-legged GER sibling. The ER is designed to fly as fast as 7, nm at Mach 0. The aircraft has a maximum speed of Mach 0.

Lufthansa Technik has won a modification and support contract for a Boeing that will be completed as a VIP aircraft. The new agreement covers not the VIP completion itself, but rather modifications based on a service bulletin issued by the airframe, says Lufthansa Technik.

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