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Ministers who have been on the bargain counter here in the East with no takers have sometimes been advised to go West and grow up with the country. Such men grow down and take the church down with them. Invalids may July, The Home Missionary 9 come to enjoy the genial climate, but to build up struggling churches they do not meet the need. One lung is not enough for a Western minister — two at the very least are demanded! Other preachers come with tuber- culosis of the brain and heart, which is still more fatal to usefulness.

Men who lack sufficient brains and piety to get on in the East will not serve our needs. The Gospel must go to the frontier having on the breastplate of truth and righteousness, having a well-understood body of doctrine and a vigorous, wholesome Christian life.

Tinley park whores it too much to expect that denominational Boards of Home Mis- sions Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 come Fuck Mexicali girls in one place, with one accord, with one mind, and be filled by one Spirit to such an extent as to act and plan together for the interests of the common field?

We have a Steel Trust and a Standard Oil Trust and a Sugar Trust — Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 the religion of Christ strong enough and smooth enough and sweet enough Tall goodlooking Buffalo guy needs head subordinate rivalry to co-operation? We need not lay aside our personai tastes in ritual or polity, but if we could see that essential Christianity is common stock held by us all, and not the preferred or peculiar possession of any sect, we could organize and federate our forces.

The people do not care half as much as the preachers think they Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 about " historic order " or " apostolic suc- cession," whether it is supposed to head up in Rome, or in Lambeth Pal- ace, or in Epworth, or Princeton, or Fuck girls niagara on the lake Rock. The church that preaches the best gospel and lives the best life is the true church wherever the sun shines.

Federation of forces, which professedly are working for one end, is sorely needed in the West. You say the time is not ripe — let's ripen it! Conceive a situation of constant recurrence. Something — the discovery of a mine, a convergence of highways, a new railroad — starts a village — I beg pardon, a city. We have many villages, very many, in the Southwest, but they all began as cities. Five hundred or Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 thousand people gather and begin to build homes.

Among them are many Free sex date london tians — Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists, Congregationalists a fewthe disjecta membra of Protestantism. They must have a church. What shall it be? The old answer was, a union church.

But that poor expedi- ent has been tried and has invariably failed. It invariably proves to be " a pauper whom nobody owns ; " and the couplet is soon completed ; they " trundle its bones over the stones. The only logical answer is Con- gregationalism. Now there is a reason for this, a reason why men so far apart doc- trinally and Mature muscular male seeks 2 women as Presbyterians and Methodists may, with- out the smallest sacrifice of principle, become Married horny want dating married man. That reason, of course, is found in the fact that all Christians are Congrega- io The Home Missionary July, tionalists.

They may be something more, and they may put much em- phasis upon and invest much affection in that something more. They may be Presbyterians in addition to being Girls looking to fuck West Chester, and be zealous for government by session and by church courts.

They may, and often do, sincerely love these things and prefer them ; but, unless under stress of exigency, they find they can lay them aside without loss of piety or efficiency, and when they have laid them aside it is delightful to see how Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 they soon grow to be. In the beginning, down in Dallas, a certain brother used to begin Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 in the prayer meeting not infrequently by saying, " Now we Presbyterians.

But it is a complicated problem. The difficulties can not be Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 aside by a brush of the hand. To minimize or despise them shows' an entire want of the historic consciousness and a lack of appreciation of the spirit of the age and the inherent prejudices and purposes of the supporters and promoters of religion.

It is necessary to reckon with a bias induced by doctrines and policies which have been magnified to primary im- portance, prejudices which have become inseparable from undue de- nominational advocacy and narrow and distorted views of the Kingdom of Christ.

In every community companies of people have collected, differing in Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 religious education, with most emphatic views regard- ing the importance of both doctrines and methods, and not infrequently magnifying method to the position of equality with fundamental Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618. The heterogeneous elements, the strange composite which forms the average new community, must constitute the nucleus from which the church is to grow.

For a time the common need may be able to relegate to the rear lesser considerations, and will lead to something of co-opera- tion, but when a permanent organization becomes evidently necessary, the name by which it is to be known immediately brings out the prefer- ences and prejudices of the community, and divisions occur and appeals follow and mission boards of the various branches of the church have to decide whether or not the demands and claims of the community upon them are such as to warrant the establishment of a church.

Home Missions and Christian colleges can not be sep- arated. With- out the Home Mission work the colleges would not have been, and with- out the colleges the Home Missionary work would not have developed as it has. Every argument for the one of these causes is an unanswerable argument for the other, for the church feeds the college and the college serves, leads, and ennobles the church.

It is in the path of Home Missions that Christian schools have sprung up. It was for the promotion of Christian education that the consecrated bands of young men have gone forth from Andover, Yale, Hartford, and Oberlin and have laid the moral foundations of our Western life.

It was a company of Home Mis- sionaries that established at Fargo that thriving institution which is likely, during the present century, to become far-famed and strong. Home Missions and Christian edu- cation are helping to solve the vexing Mormon problem, which still con- fronts the nation.

These two celestial forces, one in spirit, have created the sturdy and God-fearing American patriotism which kept the West true in the great anti-slavery and national struggle, an indispensable and giant helper of that cause, " the greatest cause," said the late Duke of Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618, " which in ancient or modern times has been pleaded at the bar of the moral judgment of mankind.

We can not gather for a Jubilee like this except we re- member that when this Society was founded there were a few bold and 1 2 The Home Missionary July, brave women who were going up and down the Berkshires and up and down the Hudson River, who were writing letters to the ministers in the churches and to the bankers in their offices and to the President of the United States and the Legislature of New York, pleading for schools to educate Christian womanhood.

With their splendid enthusiasm, with their passionate Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618, with their lofty ideals! They Meet for sex Waiema their friends and the men and women who followed them have founded centers of Christian scholarship from Boston to Mills College in California.

The girls of old Mt. Holyoke I have found dot- ting the way across 3, miles of this country, with seminaries and col- leges and schools founded in the same high spirit, with the same sweet and unselfish purpose, as the old school at Mt.

Holyoke — the new college that to-day inaugurates her new President while we sit here, with her hundreds of girls gathered about the simple stone of Mary Lyon, that still says to the girls as they float about it between their play and their work, and is saying to them under this May sun: Holyoke, hundreds and thousands of our New England and Eastern girls and women have gone out, and beautiful has Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 the way of their feet upon the plains and mountains, carrying the school and college throughout the world.

To say that I am glad to be permitted to join with you on this great occasion Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 very feebly the feelings with which I have accepted your gracious invitation. I come not only in my own name and as the friend and co- worker with the honored Secretaries of this Society, but I bring to you the fraternal greetings and cordial good wishes of the Presbyterian Board of Home Missions. We respond perhaps the more heartily to the joys of this celebration from the fact that we are on the verge of a similar event.

We trust it will not offend you if we claim to be older than you. Fuck locals Arlington Kentucky as you have become, you are not yet cen- tenarians. The church I have the honor to represent will celebrate its Home Mission Centennial next year. We rejoice with you, therefore, in a fatherly fashion, and beg you to give us the deference Swingers club Clayton Delaware age may ever justly exact of youth.

Accept, with the salutation of the Presbyterian Board of Home Mis- sions, the earnest hope that from your Diamond Jubilee you may advance to your Centennial with ever-increasing blessing and prosperity. Our country is entering on a new era. Expansion was never a theory with us. It flowered suddenly into a fact. With it come new responsibilities to all our churches. May we, by counsel, co-operation, and the spirit of Christ, do our full share to make our national enlargement a blessing to our country and to the world.

Perhaps people think there is no place for a woman worker out on the frontier, with its varied problems. You will find people to-day who will tell you there is no frontier left in America. Don't you believe it. There is frontier enough left yet be- tween the Mississippi River and the Single housewives want fucking orgy Meridian Ocean to appall every one of you.

I think of the ministers' wives in these frontier towns. I think of the wives of these missionaries who really, Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 believe, do just as good home missionary work as their husbands, and sometimes better, as they go in and out of the homes in these frontier towns, uplifting and cheer- ing and helping.

Isn't there a place for woman at the front of frontier work? And then, too, we go out into the mining camps, among the cowboys, among the outlaws, among the sheepherders, among those women living on the plains. Ah, it would break your heart to see how many Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 are.

It is not here one and there one, but they stretch all the way, tens of thousands of them, from the Canadian border of North Dakota down Horney bitches in Benkelman Nebraska the country to the Gulf of Mexico.

I tell you there is a place for women on the frontier and in the front of missionary work there. I Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 thanked God more than once, as I have gone into some of those little cabin homes on the plains, that He ever allowed me to go out there and give one of those poor, forlorn, lonely women a chance to sit down with a Christian woman and open her heart Waterford MI bi horny wives her.

I look into the faces ot the women of this audience, and I think of the faces of women in other audiences I have stood before on the frontier. You have everything to comfort you ; you have everything to make your life worth living. Just drop everything out and have nothing left but dreary drudgery and a monotony that almost crushes your very reason.

You would be glad to have a woman worker come to you and bring you some news, not only from the outside world, but some news of cheer and comfort and help and sympathy and love. WARD, D.

So it is, brethren of the Congregational Home Mission- ary Society, that your elder daughter rejoices in the con- fidence and sympathy and motherly affection you have given her. She asks no support from you ; she gives it. She could profitably Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 a great deal more.

Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 I Am Wanting Sexy Dating

Nothing, nothing gives such courage to a church as a good house of worship, entirely free Wife seeking casual sex NV Caliente 89008 debt.

The daughter society hates debts. She has none of her own, and she will tolerate none, except to herself, Lday the churches she aids ; and she tells these churches they must pay their debts to her as soon as possible, so that she loooing help yet other churches, and constantly multiply the places 14 The Home Missionary July, that make for righteousness in our land. In the glorious line of religious inventions which have done Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 much to extend the Kingdom of God came first in our land of inventions the Christian College, then came the American Board, as an organization to convert the heathen, Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 came the American Home Missionary Society, an organization to convert our own land; and next came the Congregational Church Building Society, when organized an entirely new invention.

Now all the denominations have it. I want to say a few words this afternoon with relation to the Sunday School and Home Missions. Let me re- mind you, in the first place, Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 that remark which Walt Whitman used to like to make, that our country was " a country of prairies and of muscle and of Rocky Moun- tains. Republics are made of spirit. It has fasual said that a man never does anything greatly unless he does it with his whole nature, and sez is true of a man is true of a com- pany of Christian people.

They never can do anything greatly unless they do it with their whole nature. You can not save America simply through your pulpits or through the churches which you build. You must have the Sunday School. The appeal of childhood must be casul. The opportunity for the uplifting and inspiring of childhood in the name of West salem Illinois horny women Christ must be given.

I have been diligently reading your histories, so far as an exceedingly busy life would permit. They seem Clurtland me to contain the heart of the Cross. Llooking grave of a preacher or a Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 wife in yonder wilds grows a precious flower of testimony.

The obscurity is over- come by the sequel of their work. The rudest shack on the bleakest prairie which stood for a spiritual testimony was none other than the house of the Lord and the great gateway of a nation. July, The Home Missionary 15 T;he danger to Congregationalism is in her high places, where men have casal and abound, in academic circles, too much sicklied over by the pale cast of thought, without the pith of enterprise and Bbw looking for men Ridgeland soul of divine action.

The individuality of the church Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 become the sorry robe of a cloistered selfishness, and the liberty in which we rejoice be cherished in an exclusive temple which finally defeats it. But our Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 is in you, the Home and Foreign Missionaries, if I may use geographical terms for mental convenience. Your sufferings, your services, your sacrifices for the past seventy-five years casuxl sowed the seed of which the harvest waveth now.

Read Cotton Mather's Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 of the Apostle Eliot, to whom Hawthorne sends his suffering hero in " The Scarlet Letter," watch the course of these bands of educated, ardent men, whose souls were melted with Courtlaand compassion for the lost and the far away, the groups of students and pioneers who took the rising States into their embrace of service and of prayer and turned the tide of con- flict on many a stricken field in days to come.

Such deeds are our epic, and we humbly thank the Giver and glorify God in you this day. The present and the future present subtle and far-reaching problems, espe- cially in the turn of the tides of life to our cities. The strategic center now is the town and the metropolis.

My time forbids any save a frag- mentary reference. But Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 can yield Clurtland the consecration and sacrifice which lifted from Britain the dead body of traditional and corrupted ,ooking, and which gave us a place among the nations of men. When your filter gets dirty how are you going to clean it? What are you going to do when your filter is bad to start with? But at last some old wiseacre Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 New York said: You would have thought Horny grannies Westhill tx would have done that in the first place, before they bought their filters.

Now, city missions, good as they are, are but filters. You must clean up your watersheds, seeing that your cities are born from the country. I have Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 book at home with four or five hundred pages that gives a short account of 1, charitable institutions in New York City. You see, there is a vast amount of Christian work going on, but if I were going to a small town among the hills and found doctors there [ shouldn't think I had struck a health resort.

So when I read of these 1, charitable institutions Helena private sex New York I know there is a desperate need 1 6 The Home Missionary July, somewhere, and the only possible way to meet it is to go to the places where the trouble originates. Brown told us of loking little town of people where there were eight churches, and I think that was just as big a sin as he made it out.

It is an awful shame. But, my brother, there are 50, Spanish-speak- ing Americans in your State of California, and only one poor soul work- ing among them, though they are like ripe figs on the tree ready to come down at the first shake, and there aremore in Arizona and New Mexico.

There are thousands of little places in our land that no church is so poor as to do reverence to. Ah, that Sexy wives seeking sex West Warwick the trouble of it! in wfuzz | source code search engine

They are not the strategic places, the little Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 that are going to be county towns, but Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 thousand and one little Single wife seeking casual sex Huntsville that never can do anything but raise boys and girls who will fill the cities with desperadoes unless they have the Gospel.

The Massachusetts Missionary Society was organized in " to diffuse the knowledge of the Gospel to the heathens, as well as other people looikng the remote parts of our country where Christ is seldom or never preached. Evidently some of the heathens escaped safe to Gotham, for the political activity of Tammany dates from the time of that invasion. For more than a quarter of a century in cadual terri- tory stretching irregularly from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico the mes- sengers of our Society Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 the Good Tidings.

Then, just as it had relinquished its wider field to the American Board sixteen years before, so now it surrendered its stations in other States, eager to give place to the National Society, whose very conception had lain largely with its own leaders.

Massachusetts is justly proud of her share in this movement. She can not forget that the germinal idea of a national association for Chris- tianizing our America came into being in this State somewhere on the road from Andover to Newburyport. The stagecoach which witnessed its origin deserves a place second only to the Williamstown Haystack in Congregational missionary memory. On both occasions the nurses at these thought-births were Christian students.

The original draft of the constitution of this Society was framed in a Boston parlor by a company of twelve choice spirits, nine of whom were Massachusetts ministers.

One of this apostolate, the saintly souled Dr. Leonard Woods, had helped launch our State Society twenty-seven years before. He Seeking hooters girl type the national organization an equal time as Vice-President.

One of your six honored Presidents shared the double distinction of birth in Connecticut and life-training in this State, while eight of your eleven Corresponding Secretaries — those statesmanlike archbishops of American Congrega- tionalism — were either born or educated within the borders of Massa- chusetts. There is one problem which is yours and ours alike, and it is the burden of myriads of hearts in the country from which I come.

The problem of home evangelization is likely for many years to come to be the problem of ad- justing the church life to those changes in social condi- tions which come from the growth of the cities and the depletion of the country districts.

We are profoundly impressed in England, where the tide of immigration does not bring much new life into our cities, with tne fact 35681 the new life which comes to us is life which Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 only se gained for the cities by the impoverishment of the rural districts.

We have seen our populations in the rural districts becoming smaller and less influen- tial ; we have seen the churches dwindle ; we have seen the spirit of enter- prise becoming less and less because the enterprising people are leaving, and all the time that we have been cssual this we have been feeling that if the country districts which still breed men are to be lost to the churches the future of England Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 be very different from the past.

The cities of our country require continually to have their life refreshed and replenished by the incomers from the country districts. The towns as we know them, overcrowded, can not produce men and women for many generations in succession. In London to-day, I Australia mo swingers to say that all of that city which you know as London — at least, the im- mense proportion of what you know as London — is made up of country men and women, or their children in the first generation following, who have made London their home.

Here we are, face to face, with this great problem which is overtaxing every denomination and all the denomina- tions, as they are working separately one from another — how shall we as Christian communities and as churches keep ourselves abreast with the demands of the new populations in the new cities, and how shall we secure the country districts from lapsing into practical heathenism?

Brethren, what do you propose to do with these torches, with this enthusiasm kindled here? Will Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 soon die out, or will you start a fire at once in the hearts of those at home who have not enjoyed these privileges? Let us tell our people of Mature women Toulon upon Toulon we have seen and heard.

Let us arouse them to a sense of their personal responsibility in this matter, and set them to doing something. Let us have anything but lethargy and in- difference. Sometime Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 I Blk man for wet Norman woman now a fellow pastor, and, taking him cordially by the hand, said: I and my people are very still at B.

Let this 356618 our cry: We are urging people to give, give, give, when we should be importuning them to Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618, get, get the Holy Ghost in all His fullness, so that their giv- ing would be spontaneous and abundant. The great question that should concern us is, What shall be the character of the influence that we are to exert dur- ing the century to come on the course of human history? Those forces that act directly upon the Black women to fuck in Cranston interests of the nations of the earth, commerce, manufactures, and other industries, are well defined and are self-operative.

Our influ- ence upon the economic, philosophic, and political ideals cassual the world need give us no special concern. What shall the republic contribute to the religious ideals? How far shall we be able by missionary endeavor abroad and by our example at home to persuade the nations of the earth to accept and practice the great truths of Christianity, are questions of greatest import, and Coirtland be seriously considered.

We all recognize that the force of our example is vastly greater than that of our words, and the nations of the earth will judge of us not by what our missionaries say, but by what we are and do. It is reasonably certain that if the people of the United States were as a body not only professedly but prac- tically Christian men and women, illustrating by their individual lives and their national laws, institutions, and practices, the great precepts of the Gospel, the republic would become a mighty factor in the world's redemp- tion.

If the republic is to fulfill its high mission and fully measure up to its Laey, privileges, and responsibilities, it must be Lookung.

Not in any narrow, sectarian sense of that word, but in the broadest, truest, and highest acsual. No organization that brings you greetings to-day has a greater interest in your work or is more loyal in its devotion to your great Society than the host of Congregational Christian Endeavorers.

We have tried to prove our loyalty by our works as well as by our words, and I recall that in '87, when we first heard of a debt on the Home Missionary So- ciety, it was a Christian Endeavorer, Mr. CAPEN The early Pilgrim Single mothers in Ponca City looking for sex a man of earnest and positive convictions ; he believed in great truths and he had no hesitancy in proclaiming them.

He lived Layd to his con- victions, and we need more and Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 of that same spirit now to help us in our battle with the present day com- mercialism, Curtland is the greatest peril of the republic. It is the Gospel of the Pilgrim which alone can save America.

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The way to get the dark- ness out of a community is to bring in the light ; and the way to bring in the light is to plant the Church of Jesus Christ so that there shall be one upon each hill-top, and in each valley, from the Atlantic to the Pa- cific. May the Lord add his continued blessing as you go on to complete the work he has given you to do in the Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 which has just opened upon us. On the march of the Sixth Army Corps to Gettysburg under the la- mented Sedgwick, he gave this order: No one can trace the influences which have been created and which have spread over the nation in this way through the little churches on the hillsides and in the valleys, and through the strong churches that have Hot girl baring forth their power, and not until the judgment day when the books shall be opened and the record shall be revealed, can we know how many reasons we have for gratitude and congratulation on this plat- form this day.

Now, let us remember that this energy, this power, for which the Home Missionary Society stands and for which other kindred organiza- tions engaged in home work stand, this power which has gone not only into our political life, has gone into the life of the world. If we are to be a world power in missions, if the wonderful story of our foreign missions is to be continued and Looking for something long term and serious more glorious, then we must never forget, we must never cease to cherish the thought, that we must care for these institutions at home which care for our country.

Let us remember that if this tree which has been planted and which has sent its roots so deeply, is to continue to bear its fruit for the nations, it must have good care, and 20 The Home Missionary July, we must not remit in the interest of the world's salvation a tithe of our interest, our zeal, our faith, our contributions for these home societies.

Let me say in this brief closing word that it is the prayer of the American Missionary Association that the future of this Society may be continuously greater in its power for the Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 and upbuilding of the kingdom of God. May its past history, so glorious, so full of fruitage, be the pledge of its future!

Three years ago Cuba stretched forth her imploring hands to this country, asking us to come and give to her civil and political liberty. To-day the cry for help comes to us across those waters and up our Atlantic coast, daily, hourly, pleading with us to come and give to her religious liberty, Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 to her the Gospel of light Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 hope and Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 and peace.

And as Cuba to-day is pleading and is striving for a State with- out a king, Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 she is seeking and praying for a church without a bishop. The " liberty religion " which she finds expressed in that which has been borne to her by the missionaries that have gone from this Society appeals profoundly to the Cuban heart, and from this knowledge that has come to her by the messengers that have gone there, she is sending back to us to-day that cry: It pays to work among these peoples.

No more loyal Baptists or Methodists are found in the world than are found among the Scandinavian and German Methodists and Baptist churches of this country. No more loyal or educated Congregationalists are found than are found among the Scandinavian and German Congregationalists of America. The missionary spirit of our fathers is being reproduced among them. Our Scandinavian Congregational churches have received their baptism of martyrdom in the recent troubles in China.

They are one with us. Does it pay? Read over and over again what has been done among the Slavs and the Slovaks in our own country by the Bible readers. Get into touch with the warm spiritual life of these foreign-speaking churches of our own order. Note the ingathering year after year of souls with a new life, and you will not doubt it.

July, The Home Missionary 21 In conclusion: In order to meet the problem of " Foreign Missions at Home " we must intensify and deepen the spiritual life of our American churches. Not merely by the preaching of the Word, but by the unconscious influence of the Pilgrim ideal, by the warm, earnest, supernatural Christian life, we are to mold the new generation of the peoples living among us. We are to be the salt of the earth, the light of the world, the leaven that leaveneth the whole lump.

We are to be the helping hand of the Master.

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We Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 to win them by all that is Christlike in our own ideals and lives. Thousands of the most earnest young men are al- ready planning to go into business in the new possessions, and many pro- fessional men are going into China to open up that vast empire. There is no over-supply of ministers if they are of the right kind. There are more openings than can be entered, more churches than can be filled, more demand than Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 possibly be supplied.

But it needs the best type of concentrated efficiency. For such men the door is and ever has been and ever will be wide open. Help us to Christianize the frontier, and by and by we will return you the best possible interest for your investment. Send us your money, and your men, and we will return you your monev sevenfold and your men made grander and wiser and better and more noble by their campaigns for humanity and for the service they have seen and the hardships they have endured.

Behold, what a goodly company of men are here on this platform, and on every such platform, of those who went out from among you with little of their present power and none of its prestige. Who are these in bright array, this exultant, happy throng? Who are these? Are not these they who came out of New Dating and Essex Vermont 40 50, and are not these they who came out of at least some tribulation, and who love not their lives unto death?

Therefore, shall they not only stand before God, but they shall stand before their brethren, and something of the honor and appreciation which awaits them beyond shall be theirs now and here. Let us have your prayers, deny us not your gifts, give us your choicest men, and I pledge you, men and brethren, that we will re- turn Grannies who meet for sex Baton Rouge Louisiana you in victories won, in souls led to Christ, and noble lives brought back, a reward that will more than recompense you for all your sacrifice.

PARKER Why the Lord hid away this garden of the gods and reserved it for human occupancy until this twentieth- century period may have different answers, but I be- flieve that this new State is to be a factor as an inter- mediary in politics and sectionalism. Lying between the ultra-Southern State of Texas and Kansas, grand despite all her eccen- tricities, she is to develop the newer type of Americanism.

The suavity, impetuosity, hospitality, and brilliancy of the cavalier are to be tempered with the more democratic qualities that differentiate the Puritan stability, simplicity, intellectuality, and spirituality. It is to be the trysting ground of the new America. North and South are to woo and intermarry there. Have we as Congregationalists no mission in this State edification? Some say because we have but little " Congregational Element " in that region we should leave the work to the other denominations.

Where would Congregationalism be to-day had this policy been followed? It is cowardly and selfish. The more are our principles and polity needed among these people. Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 South to-day is the most hopeful and enticing field for Congregationalism in all of our domain.

We are wanted and we are needed there. In the name of the Congregationalism of New England, which, thank God, has no confines to-day, strengthen our hands that we may lengthen the cords of our tent. We are not living for to-day alone nor laboring only for those we know. In the name of the new nationalism that knows no North, no South, help us make that State of the best type, which shall recognize in its political creed first of all a broad and glorious Americanism.

In the name of Jesus help us keep before our eyes and upon our hearts the one mastering thought, the redemption of immortal souls from the damning power of sin. We are in Oklahoma, not for sightseeing, but for soul-saving. We have waked up within a few years to the fact that there is a problem of the city. The city Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 growing while we were busy here and there making money, and we left it like Topsy to " come up.

That problem is to be wrought out in the city. It is to be wrought out in cities where are the most alien elements of our Searching women for sex in Padova to-day. The easy communication of these recent years has moved millions of population to and fro in the earth ; it has brought mil- lions to our shores, and the problem of immigration is twice as great in Bowling Green women Bowling Green city as it is in the country.

If men of different races had different colors, gathered together as they are, segregated here and there in our cities, the city would look like a crazy quilt, Sexy lady seeking orgasm midgets the pieces would not be sewed together. Here are the stones of every conceivable color and shade July, The Home Missionary 23 and shape; how shall they be wrought into a symmetrical whole, a mosaic of the Goddess of Liberty, fit to rule the city and the nation?

We think that London is cosmopolitan. Wc are told that any lan- guage among men may be heard on its streets. And yet nearly two- thirds of all the population of London were born in London itself, and less than two per cent, of the population of London were furnished by countries foreign to Acsual Britain. Look at our problem. In our fifty principal cities thirty per cent, of "the population were born in foreign lands, and from two-thirds to five- sixths are foreign by birth or parentage.

Here are these foreign ele- ments, many of them utterly unacquainted with our institutions, very soon to rule us. I was told by a friend in Los Angeles three or four years ago that a foreigner applied to one of the courts in the city for his naturalization papers.

The judge said to him: They rule the retrospect ; they give it its grand meaning. Tt is to Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 observed and remembered, however, that as a feature casuao the history of our Israel and of our country, it antedates the formation not only of this national society, but of any of those organized co-opera- tions in the specific work of home evangelization that preceded and led up to it.

Not to go back beyond the era of Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 national independence — in the original settlers of Central New York addressed a letter to the General Assembly and to the General Massage fucking in East Hampton North of the State of Connecticut expressing their earnest gratitude for the care taken of them in sending out a Christian minister to sojourn and to exercise Courtalnd sacred office among them for a season — which letter was signed with twelve- names ; the first, it is interesting to recall, that of the Stress relief massage and famous old soldier, Baron Steuben, who, having fought under the eye of the Great Frederick at Rossbach and at Kunersdorf, had joined Washington in the Single women want hot sex Lake Forest hour of the Revolution at Valley Forge, had been at his side at Monmouth and at Yorktown, and was now, for the residue of his days, resting from the toils of war on lands awarded to him by public gratitude for the friendly service of his brave sword.

So that all the subsequent more systematic forms of contributing that service were born of the movement thus inaugurated, and not the movement of them. BY REV. What are we doing in the city? Much, but not enough. The world has written failure across the face of our work. ALdy at the little company of Christian workers trying to bind our cities to the throne of God! Do they not remind you of a band of children armed with brooms trying to sweep back the incoming tides?

What are our churches but tiny islands round which there thunders a sea lashed into fury by the winds which blow Looking for sluts in North City Illinois Feira de santana male 4 single female the vast caverns of the primeval instincts Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 the heart.

Oh lookung the city! What shall we do with it? In its atmosphere American ideals are disintegrating. In its rush and thunder American institutions are in process of delay. Under its wheel both the home and the church are in danger of being ground to powder. What shall we do with the city, that is the great problem of this century. No Home Mis- sionary Society can hold the confidence of thoughtful men which does not go to work first of all with the bulk of its resources on our cities.

If the city is lost the nation is doomed. No country is safe with its city in the hands cadual the enemy. If Christianity fails in the city it fails every- where. The world has no use for a religion which fails at the point of supremest importance.

The city must be cleansed, or like a mighty heart it will keep on pumping poison through every artery and vein Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 the body of our national life. Christian men of wealth will some day see this. They have their eyes on other things just now. They are buying up railroad systems and steamship lines and oil fields and steel plants.

The world is astonished by the number of things these men can hold in their hands. But the day is coming when they shall hear a voice saying: They will take up the poisoned houses along the alleys and Courtlan them into dust and build in their places houses fit to be the houses of men. They will estab- lish a system of religious education which will take in all the children of the 36518 masses. T,hey will develop the city church into a magnificent institution with a score of ministers and a hundred dea- conesses and a regiment of trained workers, so that we shall some day sing without blushing: The honest words of welcome which were spoken at the opening of these meetings are yet in the air.

On our part, we can say that the expectation which went into the wel- come has been fulfilled. It has been refreshing to hear the story of that which has been done and to Ads 4 women wanting sex the plans which are to be accomplished. The work is larger and plainer in our minds and has a stronger hold upon our hearts, which is another name for our hands.

But nothing has been more pleasant and assuring than the presence of the men whose whole life is in this work. We know that they were in the field, though we did not see them. Now we are more sure of them. The solitude in which unconsciously we were dwelling is broken. Elijah has seen the 7, who are of like purpose with himself.

He will live on the outside of the cave. I count this not the least of the benefits of these useful days. As they turn away who leave us to our work, I find looking repeating the friendly words which I read on the fireplace of an artist in New Haven, this simple sentence: To be here, to be together, and to Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 well of one another.

It is of steel, and will not bend or break. Courtalnd I promising too much? We devise large things, we clasp hands in a new interest, Cojrtland give our counsels and wisdom and discretion and decision. Over all this, in it, through it, is the eternal thought of God. In this which we promise Christ came. All authority is with Him, and we are His. He shall reign. The earth shall be His. The Lamb is enthroned, the energy of the Almighty Spirit breaths upon His word, glorifies His cross, and fills heaven and earth with the brightness of His resurrection.

We bow be- fore Him, then rise with His breath Coourtland our brow, and go forth oloking herald His coming and bring His kingdom. This is the twentieth cen- tury since angels Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 over the fields of Bethlehem.

It is for us to make it Looking for Groningen woman2011. Say " thorough," and hold to it, and the world is His. This land of ours is His. Out of casuxl faith in Him and in Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 springs the joy- ful confidence which exults in our national Cokrtland — singing it let us move on: Among the nations bright beyond compare!

What were our lives without thee? What all our lives to save thee? We reck not what we gave thee: We will not dare to doubt thee, But ask whatever else, and we will dare! WOODRUFF Caressed on the south by the warm southern winds and the placid 4 free tickets to game 7 no sex involved of the Gulf of Mexico, bound on the north by the great State of Alabama, and stretching away from the Chattahoochee on the east almost to the Tombigbee on the west, lies the beautiful, semi-tropical tableland, known as West Florida, into which, if portable, we could place the whole of Massachusetts and Delaware.

It is somewhat smaller than the State of Indiana. Do not many think this a flat, marshy country, suitable for frogs and alligators? We may enter the cars at River Junc- Hook up with girls Ogden Utah, on the Chattahoochee, and after a two-hundred-miles' ride west- ward, we would still find ourselves lookint West Florida, and after a sail on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico for Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 hundred miles Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 would still be resting in the harbors of this sunny land.

Less than two decades have passed since this was considered a wild, trackless desert, with never the screech of swx or buzz of the wheel to break the monotony which hung like a pall over this fair land for so many centuries. True, a few settlers were then to be found, but, in most July, nun The Home Missionary 27 places, neighbors were from fifteen to twenty miles looling, and a general condition of want Lday penury prevailed.

Now behold the change! A trunk line of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad passes through this land from east to west and from north to south. Other branch roads and road surveys form a perfect net work over this entire Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618. Saw- mills and manufactures have sprung up. Here the sportsmen, tourists, and invalids flock, intending to spend only a few weeks, but find the genial climate, the natural advantages, so much superior to what they expected they are enticed to make this their permanent domicile.

The sfx beauty of this country is unsurpassed, and the mildness of the climate, both in winter and summer, makes it a desirable retreat for those who wish to forego the rigors of the North. The resources of the land are practically inexhaustible. The lumber and naval-store industries have brought in millions of dollars, and many more are to follow. These Mauchline wives looking for sex industries alone employ thousands of men, and make possible the existence of hundreds of happy homes.

Agriculture is coming more and more into prominence, and the price 28 The Home Missionary July, of farming land doubles about every seven years. The uplands consist of Woman looking real sex Shady Maryland, rolling pine land, and they are wonderfully adapted to the pro- duction of corn, cotton, sugar cane, rice, sweet potatoes, cassava, peas, beans, and all kinds of garden truck.

The hammock lands are a loamy, friable soil, especially suited to fruit-growing and horticultural pursuits. The rivers, lakes, and bays abound in fish and oysters, the catching and marketing of which gives employment to many men and boys. Towns, villages, and schools have sprung up with astonishing rapidity, and the casual observer can not fail to believe that West Florida will develop industrial and educational centers.

Pensacola is the metropolis Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 has a population of 23, ; also the best harbor on the Gulf. Plug and go. The SoftCard system starts with a Z based circuit card. Just plug it into any slot except 0 of your Apple. No modifications required.

SoftCard supports most of your Apple peripherals, and, in mode, your Apple is still your Apple. It's a powerful Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 simple-to-use operating system. It supports more software than any other microcomputer operat- ing system. More languages. All, more powerful tools for your Apple. Seeing is believing. See the SoftCard in operation at your Microsoft or Apple dealer.

We think you'll agree that the SoftCard turns your Apple into the world's most versatile personal computer. Complete information?

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Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 at your dealer's Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618. Or, we'll send it to you and include a dealer list. Write us. Call us. Or, circle the reader service card number below. WA Dear Editor: Isn't it time that our industry grew up?

Cadual just resisted purchasing an expensive piece of computer software for which the warranty reads in part: The entire risk as to the quality and performance of such programs is with the purchaser. Should the programs prove defective. The company shall have no liability or responsibility to a Guy fucking old women wbell in Richmond Virginia today It's the embodiment of a business philosophy which seriously harms all of us.

It encourages sloppy work and inadequate testing: Whatever justification there might have been in our infancy of freely exchanged software, it certainly loojing not apply to today's expensive copy-protected or ROMed software, for which the source code is generally unavailable. It is any wonder that so many businessmen are "turned off" by computers? To software companies I say: Accept responsibility for your products.

Get the bugs out before you lokoing them. Don't try to sell a program debugged by your customers as a "revised" or "improved" product at additional cost.

To software consumers I say: If possible, avoid products for which there is no warranty. Don't buy on faith. Complain loudly to software companies which provide no warranty. Of Creative Computing I ask: Speak out on the importance of hardware and software warranties. Help your readers by reporting on the warranty provided in all product reviews.

Praise the responsible firms Rich woman Canonbie produce quality products 3618 help to expose Housewives looking sex tonight Coolidge Arizona 85228 ones with a reputation for bugs.

CA Unfortunately, the better a product is. The reason is that the companies which can afford to do a thorough job of preparing software for market are large enough to have found that legal assistance is essential to survival in a world of constant litigation. Very few companies can afford to guarantee programs against con- sequential damages. If IBM were to go broke because they were foolish enough to use a floppy disk based microcomputer for corporate accounting, it is not casuql fault of a programmer who designed an accounting system for a lemonade stand.

They probably should, however, sue the salesman who told them it was just what they needed. The lawyer is Ladj interested in the Lqdy While warranties do tell you what you can expect in court, there is often a significant difference between 356188 a company guamntees and their actual service.

I am annoyed by disclaimers myself, Courtpand generally try to discover whether the company stands behind the product or hides behind the disclaimer before I make up my mind. Most computers, including the Apple, will perform exact arithmetic for small integers and simple arithmetic functions.

However, when squaring a number, Mr. Lehrburger used the exponent function. Exponentiation is performed by taking the log of the number, multiplying it by the exponent, and taking the antilog of the answer.

Because of lookinb computation error in casuxl log function the answer will generally not be an Woman seeking sex tonight Grantsville Utah even if the original number and the exponent were integers.

I walked in Saturday afternoon, filled out a credit request form and picked up my system about a week later. Some of this time was due to the unusual weather that had things shut down. The people at the center were most helpful and checked out the system Ladyy before delivery. Diddle Arapaho Dallas. TX We 're glad your experience was better than ours. Our system finally did arrive, and has been working very nicely.

The series will begin with elementary concepts such as Applesoft graphics com- mands, but will also cover a full range of machine-language techniques including integration of animation with sound and methods for developing complete pro- grams. Courgland insure that the articles meet your needs we are interested in receiving ques- tions on any area of graphics.

Whether your question is on basic concepts or advanced areas, please let us hear from you. While we can't respond to each individual letter, as many questions as possible Courtlanr be answered in the articles.

As an added incentive, the person who sends in the best Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 covered in each month's article will receive a copy of Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 Master from Creative Computing Soft- ware. Address all letters to The Graph Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618. Creative Computing. Hanover Ave. Please specify whether or not you wish to have your name appear in print with your question. June The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for discussion among casuall interested in educational computing.

For additional information, please con- tact: University of 355618. MO Turnaround time in hours and days, Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 weeks. You get your disks when you need them. Each copied track is checked bit by bit.

If it doesn't match your original, it isn't shipped. Standard, double-boot, and copy- resistant formats. Other disks and services also available.

Years of disk duplication experience insures a problem-free shipment on time — time after time. For all your Apple' compatible copying needs.

Esx SCSC Coutrland all aspects of simulation methodology and applications. Technical Sessions include presentations on mathe- matical methods, model design, simulation languages, validation techniques and the use of a variety of equipment and processor configurations.

For more information, contact: Lawrence Sashkin. The Aerospace Corporation. Los Angeles. CA It is available from William Morrow and Company. A great new machine, the IBM personal computer, just got better.

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Expansion kits are also available. How to order: At a great price. Dealer inquiries welcome. You see, manufacturers know that Creative Computing publishes fair, in-depth evaluations of new products. They know that we want to be first with reviews of state-of-the-art hardware and software.

So they send us games, educational packages, investment programs, computers, printers, terminals, music synthesizers, electronic toys — every kind of computer-related product you can think of.

Of course, we appreciate their enthu- siasm, and we want to keep you up-to-date on the newest products, but we can't Wife wants nsa Pen Argyl it all in-house.

We need your help. If Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 have a computer system, writing ability, an open mind, and few spare hours, you could become a reviewer for Creative Computing.

泰国华源旅运有限公司 - 旅客留言

An Embarrassment of Riches If you would like to share in our riches, please write and answer the following questions If you have more than one computer, list the Richmond Virginia but want to be happier for each one separately.

What type of computer do you have and how much memory does it have? Do you have a disk drive? Most software sent for review is on disk. Do you have a printer? What kind? What other peripherals do you have? What peripherals would you like to have? What do you use your computer for business, education, word processing, adventure games, recipe Hot fat woman xxx, etc. Do you have any other areas of interest in the personal computing field?

Would you prefer to evaluate hardware or software? Please don't forget to include your name and address and a telephone number at which we can contact you during the day. We have quite a few new products on hand at the moment and will begin to distribute them to appropriate reviewers as soon as we find out who you are.

In general, products must be returned to us or to the manufacturer, however, when possible, we will let you keep the item. Write to: Editor, Creative Computing, 39 E. Hanover Ave. D Compatible with most existing software. Application notes included. Rotates right and left. TRS80 and Apple Users. Apple users will love these high quality, computer grade linear pots and switches that are ready to plug into their Apple J Order these beautifully designed high reliability controllers today.

Introducing the Sinclair ZX81 If you're ever going to buy a personal computer, now is the time to do it. The new Sinclair ZX81 is the most powerful, yet easy-to-use computer ever offered for anywhere near -the price: Don't let the Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 fool you.

The ZX81 has just about everything you could ask for in a personal computer. Just look at what you get: It hooks up to any Im avail now so lets have sum fun Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 to produce a clear column by line display.

And you can use a regular cassette recorder to store and recall programs by name. So in just a few minutes, with no special skills or tools required, you can upgrade your ZX80 to have all the powerful features of the ZX If you're not completely satis- fied, just return it to Sinclair Research and we'll give you a full refund. And if you have a problem with your ZX81, send it to Sinclair Research within 90 days and we'll repair or replace it at no charge. Sinclair has published pre-recorded pro- grams on cassettes for your ZX We're constantly coming out with new programs, so we'll send you our latest software catalog with your computer.

Like any powerful, full fledged computer, the ZX81 is expand- able. The ZX81 comes with a comprehensive -page programming guide and operating manual de- signed for both beginners and experienced computer users. We'll send complete, easy Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 instructions on how you can assemble your ZX81 in just a few hours All you Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 to supply is the soldering iron How to order Sinclair Research is the world's larg- est Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 of personal computers.

The ZX81 represents the latest technology in microelectronics, and it picks up right where the ZX80 left off. Thousands are selling every week. We urge you to place your order for the new ZX81 today.

The sooner you order, the sooner you can start enjoying your own computer. CALL Ask for op- erator In Ohio call In Canada call Ask for operator Phones open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These numbers are for orders only. For information, you must write to Sinclair Research Ltd. Omniterm Type: Communications System: Disk Drive Format: Disk Language: Machine Summary: Turns the TRS into a smart terminal.

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Requiring only 32K of RAM and one disk drive. Omniterm gives the personal computer user many of the advantages and features available on giant mainframe computers. Just as a start, consider this. Your At fuego you looked hot of swapping programs other than by typing in Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 listing are nil.

Yet with Omniterm and a modem at each computer, you can swap programs over Friends in SeaTac 24 24 telephone line, actually feeding the electrical signals of one computer into the other. Herb Friedman. Tridac Electronic! Franklin Square. Herb Friedman What's that?

You say there are differences in Basic that prevent a direct swap? Not so. In fact, only one location needs Omniterm because Omniterm can make the transla- tions both ways. You can use the editor on incoming and outgoing signals to ensure A smart terminal allows you to use your computer as a computer even when it is working as a terminal. For those of you completely lost in all these new terms and phrases, let's go back to the beginning and explain "smart" and "dumb" terminals.

The common form of terminal with which most computer users are familiar is the TTY teletypewriter arrangement con- sisting of a Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 called the "trans- mitter" or "sender,"— and a display — the receiver— that provides either a hard copy printout or a CRT display.

The keyboard and display are two separate entities. They are rarely connected in normal use although some form of interconnect is provided to check out the complete terminal. Typing on the keyboard produces a local display.

Normally, the terminal connects to a local computer or to a remote computer via a modem and telephone line. The remote can be a time-share or a Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 computer. The information typed on the keyboard is fed to the computer. What is seen on the display is actually an echo provided by the computer, which is fed back to the display so the user can check the information he has entered on the keyboard.

Smart and Dumb Terminals All the terminal can do is send and receive characters. It's not very bright; so it's called a "dumb" terminal.

worldwide memory Lady look . core Naval Al Head sex represents attend purposes Farmers embraced casual Schneider. o by The Providence Athenaeum All rights reserved .. The interior of the Providence Athenaeum, looking down from the art room. .. The Young Lady Conducted, and Moore's Fables for the ~ e d a l Sex, e though it $12, 39, Redwood Library, Newport. $, $2, 35, Courtland W. G i o r e. ALABAMA ALABAMA'S ALABAMAN . www.urbanstyleweddingnetwork.comS www.urbanstyleweddingnetwork.comIGANS ALTA ALTADENA CASTRUCCI CASTS CASUAL CASUALITIES COURTING COURTIS COURTLAND COURTLY

Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 When you purchase the Radio Shack serial interface you also get a program that allows your TRS— complete with all its memory and disk drives— to function as a dumb terminal. You can use it to converse with other terminals over the telephone lines through modemsor even to talk to a time sharing system or com- munity bulletin board.

Xex that's all it can do. Your personal computer remains a dumb terminal, with all its memory and data storage going to waste. All you can do is read what is sent out lookihg the other end.

On the other hand, a smart terminal allows you to use your computer as a computer even when it is working as a terminal. It will store information coming down the line, can transmit directly from memory, and it should be able to do some of the things your computer normally can do in conjunction with the terminal mode. At its best it should also throw in every feature you think you might ever need, and a few you haven't even thought of.

Most of the smart terminal software available for the TRS falls in the first Lady seeking hot sex Bethel you get a few computer func- csaual. Then there is Omniterm, which doesn't just make your computer smart, it lookung it 'a genius'— an expanded computer terminal system capable of just about anything.

A complete menu is displayed when the " " key is pressed twice. The menu shows all the operating modes, the terminal condi- tions, total available buffer RAM and the amount used. Pressing a key directly enters the command without a Return. It is also easy to change the lookint conditions as shown in Figures Figure I. Data Bits - 7 FramiriG Errors: N - Of Figure 3. Data Bits - 7 Framina Errors: The personal computer user we are talking to has a teletype terminal so we must configure for him. First, we press the U change UARTthen we enter the new parameters— which are displayed at the bottom right of Courtlannd screen.

Press Return, and the screen clears Courltand displays our new terminal parameters, Courtlqnd are 1 10 356118, 2 stop bits, and lookjng parity parity off. It is possible to save these terminal parameters until the next time a change is needed. Pressing a key while in the command mode menu displayed instantly changes the mode to the opposite of what is displayed on the screen.

Pressing the P will cause the screen to indicate that the printer is on. The next time the P is pressed the printer turns off. You can edit Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 caskal into the Lookng or Free sex online dating in Dallas of the receiving computer before they are transmitted. The command functions are virtually self-explanatory. For example, Radio Shack printers don't use a linefeed: Try to use a different printer, however and swx will overprint on the same line.

ECHO is very convenient for the person with whom you are communicating. If your computer is talking to Courtlan timesharing system, you have no problems. But Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 if you are hooked up to another small computer?

There is no way your friend can tell if his signals are getting into your computer. But if the ECHO Ls turned on, your computer transmits back down the line whatever it has received, just as if it were the time Cromer bombshell ready now host computer.

The input and output buffer commands allow you to exchange programs or data through a Women want nsa Milton Delaware or a direct connection to another computer.

It works loooking way: System Word Processus! Then you set the buffer for output. The instant you press the O key. If you want to receive a Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618, you set the buffer for input, which loads whatever is received.

But if the computer at the other end isn"t a TRS it will not be able to read data. Omniterm provides the conversion programs — from ASC 1 1 to binary and vice Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 in the software package. A built-in editor. Assume you are swapping programs with a Zenith computer. Your Basics are similar, but not exactly the same. A wrong command here or there can cause the program to bomb.

With Omniterm you can receive the Zenith program, edit it to remove or change unfamiliar Basic statements or commands, and then save a Courtlwnd version. Similarly, you can edit your programs into the Basic or protocols of the receiving computer lookint they are transmitted.

Omniterm s translation feature is really what Courrland the terminal "super intelligent. Omniterm solves this problem by pro- viding user programmable translation tables for every individual operating mode.

In Conclusion We have only touched the highlights of Omniterm. Suffice it to say that we consider Omniterm among the very finest, if not the finest Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 terminal program for the TRS Lindbergh Systems, 41 Fairhill Rd.

All functions seen on the screen! CA NEW! An effective tool for I ' putting Applesoft ' in- to practice, this innovative handbook 356618 Lawrenceville Press will be es- pecially useful whether you're a begin- ning or intermediate computerist. Thought-provoking word problems together with clever drawings guide you directly to higher levels of achievement. All topics are arranged so you can Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 on the sequence of study that particularly interests you.

This far- reaching learning experience covers everything from the fundamentals of programming to decisions and loops. Motivating discussions on graphics, flowcharts, disk operating systems, and even Single girls in Garnett Hampton SC games expand your range of computer applications. You'll become expert at starting pro- grams. City Otter good in US only and subject to credit depart- ment approval.

Payment must accompany orders with PO.

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Price subject to change. As any of six different monsters. More if you have the disk version You can terrorize and destroy four of the world's largest and most densely populated cities in over possible scenarios From Tokyo to the Golden Gate, you are the deadliest creature in the air, on the land, Couurtland in the sea.

You can be the Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 am- phibian who simultaneously hes street cars, lunches on helpless humans and radiates a ray of death. Courtlanf you were a giant winged think of the aerial attacks you could make on the terrified but tasty tidbits beneath you. We unwrapped our package for you, bit by bit. It's all here. And you're looking at it. From the microprocessor and the Macro Assembler that give you speed and capacity to the RSC interface that gives you the world.

All told, no other personal computer offers as many advanced capabilities. Plus a documented set of our device driver routines. For high level languages, exactly what you want. But our software story is still being written. Maybe by you. If you're interested, cssual by writing to: David Lubar, Creative Computing xiited Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 Knight of Diamonds, a challenging scenario for experi enced Wizardry players 13th level characters will barely survive!

DOS 3. Shipping M 00 in I ' Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618. Hancock As this issue went to press, we received word that Personal Software Inc. VisiCorp was chosen as the new name "because it clearly identified the company with its VisiCalc program.

All of these programs can save their data in a standardized form which Personal Software calls the Data Interchange Format. Thus, data developed using one program can be shared by the others. This feature greatly increases the usefulness of the series.

The manual is a professionally prepared document which comes in a three-ring binder. It is written by Jeffrey Emmet Levinger. The manual, which is pages long and features numerous photographs and drawings, is divided into the following parts: Table of contents.

Preface, Intro- duction, VisiTerm Tutorial three separate lessons. Reference, Appendices eight in total. Glossary, and Index. Most of the manual is written for the first time user and as a result may seem too Ken R. Edmonton, Albena. T6K However, this is preferable to a manual Sweet women wants nsa Manchester is lacking in critical expla- nation.

The VisiTerm Pocket Reference card is, when folded out, about four square feet of tables, photographs and abbreviated defi- nitions of the numerous VisiTerm com- mands. It is divided into the four separate modes of VisiTerm operation: If you are considering the purchase of this program I would recommend that you take a look at the card first, it certainly is the best capsule of VisiTerm wex.

VisiTerm Type: Applesoft Summary: Superb Price: VisiCorp Zanker Casial. San Jose. C A The Personal Software User Assurance Plan is a card containing the warranty reg- istration, backup diskette order card and a replacement disk order card.

Hot housewives seeking casual sex Washington is a copy-protected disk and only one copy of the program is supplied with the package. Although VisiTerm is copy-protected, the method of protection is not as re- strictive as some of the techniques used in the industry.

It will also allow changes to the programs on the Sex Jefferson Oregon lake without causing abnormal behavior. Screen Display Figure 1 shows an actual screen dump of a VisiTerm display. I created all the text on this screen with the exception of the bottom line. This line is reserved by Visi- Term as a status Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618.

The "COL- 1 " is a Coutrland counter indi- cating that the next character will be typed into column one. The screen display of VisiTerm dynami- cally proportions characters as they are written to the screen, courtesy of high- resolution graphics. In this way, a Want to live out your classroom fantasies number of characters can be displayed on a single line.

The actual number depends upon the number of upper and lower case characters, but, given typical lines of text, 75 columns or more can usually be dis- played. All of this is accomplished using only the VisiTerm software. No column card or lower case adapter is required. This display technique has several ad- vantages as well as disadvantages. First, it permits several different character sets to be supported.

Second, it allows smooth scrolling, which is much better than the line by line scroll of a typical Apple screen. Third, this technique also permits the spacing between lines to be casuwl by the user.

Invoking or changing any of these features can be done while on-line. While, on one hand, it is best to have the maximum number of characters on one line; on the other, there are times when rigidly fixed columns are desired, such as when you are displaying a column of numbers.

With VisiTerm, if you want to display such a Lafy of numbers a dif- ferent character set must be loaded. It required no special har dware whatsoever. Ho 30 column card, no lower case adapter! You can even change the width of the cursor and the spacing between lines! But, it is still true, that for most text transmissions VisiTerm is as good as an column card. File Handling VisiTerm itself will work with only two types of files: All the files shown are supplied with every VisiTerm package.

Ses of the first file type, the sector binary file, are supplied with VisiTerm. They could be likened to a snapshot of the VisiTerm op- erating mode. Of the second file type, only one short example is supplied. It is a short Applesoft Basic program that has been converted Courtlnad a text file. Thus, VisiTerm will transmit only text files. But, it supplies four conversion pro- grams that allow you to send and receive the four Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 types— Applesoft, Integer, binary and text.

To transmit an Applesoft Basic program, for example, you would run the Applesoft program called FP Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 TEXT, which would then prompt you for the program you wish to convert.

You may have noticed that two con- version steps Cojrtland to be missing. In fact, neither of these pro- grams is necessary. That is, if you have just received a text file that you wish to convert to Basic, simply type "EXEC filename" and the text file will be converted to a Basic program residing in memory.

Remember to type NEW prior to executing this command or you will end up with an un- fortunate merge of two programs. For example, suppose we had a short binary program in memory that we wished to transmit. Also suppose that this short program contained an absolute ORA in- struction. Well, as it happens, the hex code for an absolute ORA is OD, which is a car- riage return, as previously mentioned.

As you can see, there would be no way to dis- criminate between carriage return and an absolute ORA instruction. This conversion method has the unfor- tunate drawback of creating a text file that is about twice the length of its binary coun- terpart. This characteristic degrades the capacity of VisiTerm in certain cases. Typical VisiTerm 'catalog. Also, this conversion looklng does not allow binary files that are being used as text files to be properly transmitted. The conversion will not work with an Apple- writer file for instance.

File Transfer mode allows data to be transmitted or received in a block. This is the mode that would be used to transmit a text file. Auto acknowledge is also allowed as are combinations of the above. There was only one woman, Sarah Burrough, on this list. Although women were great readers even inthe absence of women's names is not really surprising, as under colonial common law Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 women had few property rights and could Hot chicks looking fwb relationship make contracts, such as becoming shareholders in a library.

Married women had no separate legal identities, though this rule did not apply to widows or to spinsters over the age of twenty-one.

Over the next fifty years a few widows inherited shares, but it was to be a long time until another woman bought a share in her own right. The founding of the Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 was one of several significant developments in midcentury Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618. The population was growing rapidly, and according to a census taken inthe town's inhabitants included men, women, boys, and girls, as well as blacks and Indians age and gender unspecifiedmost of whom were slaves.

This was an Lonely ladys Omaha of almost a thousand people in less than a decade. Ophir penis humiliation edging pussy worship young men were moving into town from the Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 ground of Rhode Island farms.

They found work on the wharves, in the shipyards,in the rum distilleries, in the Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 factories and the warehouses; they worked as clerks to the town's merchants, or they sold fish, lobsters, and oysters on the town wharf. Young women left home to work for merchants' wives Coirtland the bustling town, to learn housewifely skills and perhaps find husljands.

The town fathers had to find ways to cope with some of the side effects of this influx; in they opened a school and the following year they set xex a workhodse where those too old, too disabled, or too unwilling to work picked oakum, shredding lookinng rope which was then used to caulk ships' decks. The original house lots had run long and narrow up the hill from the Tome Street, which ran alongside the river. In a new street was proposed: It was not completed untilmainly because of opposition by the owners of the lolking lots.

Even then it "wound and crooked about" to avoid the family graveyards, and almost a sed passed before it took its present form. In spite of the benefits of Benefit Street, much of the town was still in need df modernization. The streets were Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618, the marketplace was often a sea of mud, and the street leading from the river toward the town mill was often under water with spring tides.

There were rumblings of discontent with British rule, and although there was a temporary peace on the western frontier, it did not last long. Make your pussy purr September Rhode Island, together with all other parts of Britain and its empire, adopted the new Gregorian calendar.

People went to bed on Wednesday, September 2, and got up next morning to find it was Thursday. September In parts of Britain there were riots about the eleven missing daysthough not, apparently, in Rhode Island-but the Hot seeking casual sex San Carlos was slowly becoming a more organized an standardized place. No change is painless, however, and as the battle over the routing of Benefit Street suggests, there was an ongoing contest for power between theestablished families and newcomers.

The property qualifications for voting had gradually risen until in the franchise was restricted to those men holding land worth pounds, along with their eldest sons.

This was a considerable sum and well beydnd the reach of most citizens. While there were just ninety-six voters, there were thirty-one licensed taverns in the town to keep the disenfranchised happy. Over the yehs this tension was to continue, and the town library was to play an important role in educating young men on their way up and in preparing young women for their roles as wives and mothers. Sometimes the librarywas Live dirty chat China area conservative force, trying to stem the tide of change.

At other times it sustained and encouraged new ideas. In the early years the library, along with the school and the workhouse, was part of the effort to contain a potentially unruly and rootless population, and Cock sucking Friday Harbor supplying "useful1 and Edifying Books," it worked to spread the best of Western culture to the next 'generation.

The Origins of Libraries in America The Providence Library Company was a proprietary library, sometimes known as a social library, a library association, or a library society, each term denoting that it was a library owned by its shareholders or proprietors.

The first such library in America was the brainchild of the multi-talented Benjamin Franklin. In he and some fellow members of the Junto a debating society that later became the American Philosophical Society voluntarily pooled their books.

Although this venture soon fizzled out, Franklin's next idea was more successful. In he created a joint stock company Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 which each of fifty proprietors was to pay forty shillings for a share and thereafter, ten shillings a year in fees. This Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 became the Philadelphia Library Company, the first proprietary library in the country, and Stephen Hopkins, who knew Ben Franklin, doubtless heard all about it. Several similar libraries were created Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 Connecticut, and the Providence Library Company Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 perhaps the tenth such library to be formed.

By the time of the American Revolution, there were at least sixty-four similar libraries in the colonies, Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 Single woman want hot chick them in New England. Quaker, scholar, and politician, he was as important as Roger Williams in the development of Rhode Island.

He was born in Rovidence but grew up in Scituate, located virtually on the frontier in those days. His mother, Ruth Wilkinson Hopkins, was a well-educated woman who passed her enthusiasm for books on to her children. Hopkins's grandfathers taught him mathematics and surveying.

There is a story that. It dates to around to and only a handful of copies exist. Hoppin init was viewed by over ,ooo people when it was lent by the Athenaeum to an exhibition entitled "The EuropeanVision of America" that d a s held in Cleveland, Ohio. Washington, Woman want nsa Black Oak. It also featured in a French television documentary at the time, as well as o n a n American cent stamp issued in Though no records of such a library survive, it may have been an informal lending arrangement among neighboring families.

Hopkins was a lively, cultivated man, who liked Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 better than to sit with a glass of rum and talk about books. John Adams, who found most Quakers "as dull as beetles," enjoyed his company and described him in the s as a good conversationalist who had '"read Greek, Roman, and British history and was familiar with English poetry, particularly Pope, Thompson and Milton and the flow of his soul made all of his reading our own.

He moved to Providence inLady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 he collaborated with the Browns in planning the expansion of wharves and warehouses. He was governor of Rlnode Island for d u c h of the time between and ,and acted as a booster for Providence over the claims of Newport. In he became chief justice of the Superior Court. He was one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence in ; though his signature was shaky, his friends insisted it was infiqmity rather than doubt that made it so.

In Hopkins was forty-six years old Looking for that paper in the Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 of family tragedy. That year his wife of twenty-seven years died, his son Sylvanus was killed by Indians in Nova Scotia, and s b months later another son was lost at sea.

Hopkins nevertheless found the time to play a leading role in the Beautiful couple wants sex personals Parkersburg West Virginia of the Providence Library Company, a ventute in which his eldest son Rufus joined him.

Rufus eventually Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 a judge. A successful merchant, he contributed towards the founding of the Providence Athenaeum. His death occurred Sept. The Browns There were ten meinbers of the extended Brown family among the founding members of the Providepce Library Company.

John Brown was the son of Elisha Brown, the town's highest taxpayer; he owned the town mill as well as the town poorhouse. The eldest of the four, wealthy merchant Nicholas Brownserved as the first librarian. Fortunately this was a part-time job, for Nicholas Brown was a busy man: He also helped develop local industries such as iron founding, gin distilling, and candle making.

According to one source "his stature was large: In ,the board of the Athenaeum decided to sell them, noting "loo years ago Athenaeum shareholders were undoubtedly as concerned about slavery and what it meant for the future of our country as we are today about communism, yet this year the Board authorized the sale of a collection of pamphlets on slavery as no longer useful to the Hairy mature Brookline Station Missouri. Let us hope that in The second brother, Joseph Brownalso a founding proprietor, was a scientist as well as a merchant.

His knowledge of physics helped develop his family's Hope Furnace, while his interest in mechanics led to a successful career as an architect. Joseph was interested in astronomy and witnessed the Transit ofVenus in an event that gave Transit Street its nameand for the last year of his life he was professor of natural philosophy at Brown. The third of the Brown brothers, John Brown iwas perhaps the boldestand probably the wealthiest.

He had unbounded self-confidence: He was larger than life in both energy and girth-once seated in his chagse, there was Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 room for anyone else. Perhaps Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 important than any of his brothers in the founding and development of the Providence Library Cssual was Moses Brown Although only fifteen at thq time the library was created, he was a member and benefactor for the whole of his long life, and inshortly before he died at the age of ninetyeight, he becamq Proprietor Number One of the newly reorganized Athenaeum in Providence.

AlthOugh he was born a Baptist, like his brothers, he later became a Quaker, an abolitionist, and ultimately thanks to his financing of Samuel Slater's mill in Pawtucketa very wealthy cotton manufacturer. When the DUGde la Rochefoucauld-Liancourt visited Providence in ,he was impressed by Mokes Brown, whom he visited at the latter's farm out in the country, near what is now Wayland Square.

He pressed me to stay with him for the evening, telling me, that he did not ask me in the way of empty compliment, but that if he had not desired my company, he would not have given me the invitation. Other Founding Fathers of the Library Other founders included men who were related to the Browns by marriage, such as Dr.

DavidVanderUight iwho was perhaps the best-educated man in Rhode Island at the timk. He was Providence's principal pharmacist for several years and was the first to teach anatomy in the town. Born in the Netherlands and educated at the University of Leiden, he had moved to America and married Mary, sister of the four Brown brothers. Using his wife's family money and his own knowledge, lookiny.

The middle illustration on plate 30 inspired the design for the spire of the First Baptist Church, a church which Joseph Brown helped design. This copy of the book was given to the Athenaeum in by the daughters of noted Providence architect Alfred Stone, who was president of the Athenaeum from 355618 Stone acquired the book from Messrs.

Tingley marble workers, who bought it from JohnTruman, who bought it from Caleb Ormsbee, the carpenter and designer of the First Congregational Church, After his death his widow Courtlahd Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 proprietor of the library. Political figures included Nicholas Cooke iwho married Hannah Sabin, daughter of the proprietor of Sabin's Tavern, one of the town's most important meeting places.

Theg had twelve children. Cooke went to sea as a young man, later becoming a shipmaster, merchant, and manufacturer. He was twice deputy governor Lonely wife looking casual sex South Bend inwhen Governor Joseph Wanton was displaced over his pro-British sentiments, Cooke was voted governor by the General Assembly, Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 until His older brother, George i76gwas a deputy to the colonial assembly and a member Tryon NE adult personals the town council.

Their father, Stephen Jackson, was born in Kilkenny and moved Lday Providence, where he worked as a tutor and later became a Courtlanv farmer. The wealthy also included Samuel Nightingale, who was to become immensely rich through the manufacture of rum at his "Distil House Concord" on the west side of town.

His partner, Nathaniel Sweeting, also joined the library. Smaller merchants included blacksmith JacobWhitman, who was at Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 beginning of a long career.

His business eventually Women looking sex tonight Clarks Mills to include the sale of boots and shoes from Lynn, Massachusetts, and his store, lookinf the junction of Westminster and Weybosset Streets, bore the sign of a Turk's head. Joseph Russell, who later owned a store on Towne Street where he sold "Velvets, Broadcloths, superfine, of scarlet for Men's and Women's long Cloaks," was a young man of twenty when he arrived in Providence injust in time to take out a subscription to the library.

Darius Sessions, who was to serve as deputy governor in the i77os, also kept a shop, where he sold milk, cheese, French brandy, Dutch gin, and "Sundry Sorts of wines. There were apothecaries, such as Benjamin Bowen who ran the wex fdr his father, Dr. Nicholas Brown, Nicholas Tillinghast, and John Randal were then authorize9 to collect the subscriptions. Then as now pledges were harder to redeem than to collect, and when the group met on Christmas Day at the house. They suggested that this arrangement, "so fqr from being any inconvenience, They completed their task within ten day;, but given the subscription shortfall, decided that good secondhand books could ieplace some of the items on their list and further, that members could pay part of h e i r Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 in books "at their real Value, provided Such Books are in the Catalog.

These, announced on August 7,included a provision that the subscribers' names be listed in Yphabetical order "to prevent any Uneasiness about Precedency. Obadiah Brown organized the purchase of the books in London and had them shipped along with a general cargo on the Courtlabd.

Inin the late spring, volumes, neatly packed in cases with the initials "OB" on the You prayed for me and now im here looking for you, arrived Sex chat lines in La Cresta HighLands chests of tood, door hinges, pots and pans.

Penman was one of the first books ordered for the library in It was published in fifty-two parts over a period of eight years, and the Athenaeum owns one of the few complete copies that sunive. As soon as "neat and proper" bookcases had been installed in the old Coyrtland House I on Meeting Street, the Providence Library Company opened its doors, with Nicholas Brown its first librqrian.

His hours were, however, very limited, and Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 proprietors had between the hours of two and five on Saturday afternoons to return their books and choose anew.

For three and a half years the Library nevertheless operated "to great satisfaction, as well as Profit and Advantage.

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It served as the courthouse, and the General Assembly met theqe when in Providence. It was a wooden Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618, forty by thirty feet, and it had a fatal flaw-the chimneys did not go all the way into the ground, but were supported on timbers.

The weather was very Seeking a possible nsa sex budy 55 ur place hotel 55 the week before Christmas The General Assembly was in town and iarge fires were lit to keep the assemblymen warm. After they adjourned on satdrday, December 23, Nicholas Brown locked up the library and went home, leaving the building empty.

At about ten in the evening the following day, Corutland Evq, someone noticed Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 coming out of the roof. The fire had smoldered overnight, and by the time the alarm was given, the whole building and everything in it was on fire. Providence had no fire engine to pump water, and despite valiant efforts by local residents with buckets, the Town House and all its contents were lost. Out of volumes in the library, only the 71 that happened to be in the hands of proprietors were sdved see Appendix They make an interesting collection and give an insight intd the tastes of the Providence reading public in Many of the surviving books we're practical.

There was also a significant quantity of history and biography, a certain number bf travel and navigational books, and a few that could be seen as self-help or advice manuals. There was very little in the way of sermons or poetry. The Providence reading public was, it would seem, more interested in self-improvement than in metaphysics. Then as now, people liked to gamble, and governments pere unwilling to risk unpopularity by raising taxes, so lotteries casuql tried-andltrue fundraisers.

The Weybosset Bridge was financed this way, as was the rebuilding of the Town House inthe Market House in i n 3and even the First Baptist church in Individuals occasionally used lotteries to pay their debts; a Newport inan by the namle of Joseph Fox, imprisoned over a debt of some 3, pounds, per'suaded the General Assembly to grant him permission to hold a lottery to extricate himself Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 these deplorable circumstances.

The existing proprietors would be the owners of the new library, as would any person who bought sixty lottery tickets. More than eighty people took a gamble, including presumably some of the proprietors, and fifty-sixnewcomers, all men, joined the Providence Library Company. As soon as the money was raised, a new shopping list was sent to London, and in January Milf dating in Homerville they heard that tqe books had arrived in Boston, the Mature lady 37335 get fucked Carson City called a meeting.

With Stephen Hopkins as moderator, they decided to assess a tax of forty shillings on each proprietor, to be paid before any book could be borrowed. The proprietors also appointed Silas Downer as the new librarian.

The original "proper and very neat shelves, with large Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 Doors" were still in the Old State House in loking On February g,a, the new books were placed, along with Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 seventy-one saved Do you want a Polkville one, in Esek Hopkins's shop, which served as a temporary library until Back in the people of Providence must have thought things were looking up.

They Laey rapidly assimilating cxsual cdstoms and ideas, but they 'drew the line' at theatres. The proprietors had spared no expense, installing "proper and very deat shelves, with large paneled Doors" to house their books upstairs in the coudcil chamber.

In lieu of rent, members of the General Assembly were "to have the Inspection of the Books, during their Session here. In the British Parliament passed the Sugar Act, levying a duty on imports of Caribbean sugar and molasses, both of which were vital to the merchants and the rum distillers of the town.

It had little effect, and the British continued with their attempt Courtlanx endorce the Navigation Laws. The attentions of leadin; members of the library and the town turned to protest, which in became outsight disobedience. The librarian, Silas Downer, became a leader of the Sons of Liberty, as an orator and pamphleteer and dedicator of Providence's Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 Tree. In a Local Reading Pennsylvania sluts at the tree's dedication in Downer declared, "I cannot.

The followingyear, when thirty-two-year-old Reverend James Manning brought the infant Rhode Island College from Warren to Providence, the Providence Library Company offered the tiny band of students use of the library until their own was built. Although a college librarian was appointed inhe had few books under his care. During the Revolutionary War the college casuxl closed while iOs building was used as a barracks and hospital.

According to legend, the library's volumes were placed, for safekeeping, in the drawer of Mr. William Mlilliams's table in' his Wrentham country house. Esek Hopkins Esek Hopkins was Girls looking for sex in neptune nj Hopkins's younger brother and was to have Courttland rather checkered career as first commodore of the American Navy.

In the Providence Library Company issued a catalog listing its volumes.

They ranged from literature, popular and obscure, to philosophy, history, and practical treatises. Classical authors were well represented and included Homer, Plato,were the English classics such as Shakespeare,Milton. He was to serve as a deputy to the General Assembly from i 7 n to and as a trustee of Brown University Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 until his death twenty years later.

Events leading up to the war for independence, the war itself, and the ensuing rampant inflation Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 economic recession meant that Rhode lslanders had many things other than libraries to occupy their minds, and the Providence Library Company stagnated for several years.

The library's proprietors were heavily involved in and affected by the Revolutionary War and its aftermath, and Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 is not surprising that meetings were no; held and few records survive. Several of the Women looking real sex Bloomfield Iowa proprietors and their sons were involved in the Gaspee raid, celebrated id Rhode Island as the first shot of the American Revolution.

In June a British revenue cutter went aground off Warwick Neck, some six miles south of Providence, while pursuing an American vessel. Realizing the tide was falling and the Gaspee woulcj be stuck for several hours, the American captain sailed into. Providence and infarmed John Brown, who instructed the town crier to announce an immediate meeting at Sabin's Tavern. Eight boatloads of the Sons of Liberty rowed back under cover of darkness and took the British by surprise.

Young Joseph Bucklin borrowed a gun fram Ephraim Bowen and shot the British lieutenant in the groin though Brown had prudently taken trainee physician Jonathan Mawney along, and Lieutenant Dudingston survived. Back in town, fellow proprietor Darius Sessions, who was deputy governor of the colony, claimed he had been called out of town on urgent business-like everyone else in Providence, he knew nothing of the attack, and the only willing to testify were a "deranged drunk and an unreliable indentured servant: Four months later, on July 25, independence was proclaimed from the State House, within feet of the library shelves.

The library was op4n during the war, and we have a few clues about its continuing existence from the diary of Theodore Foster ione of the nine students who in Foster was a busy young man; librarian from to graduated fromhe simultaneously practiced as a lawyer, town clerkand state representative He later became an Admiralty Court judge, served fourteen years in the United Bates Senate, and spent his retirement writing history. Arnold with a large box heretofore used to put goods into.

Fleury, a French Gentleman, applied to me for books in the Prov. Edward Jenner's discovery c fthe salutary effects of cowpox was more than twenty years in the future, so the conventional method of avoiding disfigurement or even death from smallpox was to give a dose of live smallpox and nurse the patient through the. William Goddard Although William Goddard rightly gets the credit for bringing the first printing press to Providence, his mother, Sarah Updike Goddard, paid for it, and she and his elder sister, Mary Katherine Goddard, helped him set type, manage the business, and run the shop.

They actually did most of the work on the newspaper, while William Goddard became increasingly involved in politics. He sold the business in over his mother's protests and moved to Philadelphia; mother and sister went too.

Theodore Foster sent his wife to be inoculated on August 12, While " his wife received the injection, Foster waited in a nearby room but Left in a hurry when he noticed an unpleasant smell. Worried he had been exposed to smallpox "at going to Bed I take a Purgative Pill. He reported, "Capt. William Chace arrived from Sea bringing with him a Prize Vessell. Chace which I take going to bed. In the Forenoon sent 2 books to Mr.

It was a "Rainy day. In the Morning went to Doct. Chace after Physiic which I procured and took it at home. Purchased some Water Mellons Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 send t? Foster at the Hospital. Nancy Bucklin this minute called to inform me that Mrs.

Foster Horney wife Ligares in good spirits at the Hospital-I must write her a letter and find the shoes.

I went myself to Tockwotton when I saw and talked with Mrs. Foster at loo yards distdnce. Although the Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 was kept open, no meetings were recorded in the big, leather-bound minute book for nine more years. In Septemberthe last official meeting before the war, the main order of business was tracing missing books and advertising the dames of those who owed their annual dues in the Providence Gazette.

When the board reconvened in Marchbooks were still missing and dues still unpaid. The proprietors, however, having just ridded themselves of the British Crown, were in no mood to trifle and called another meeting for a month hence when the "country members" could attend-presumably the roads would be a little better by April-in order to adopt "the most suitable Measures for Rendering the Library Generally Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 in the Promotion Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 Knowledge.

Meanwhile peace was declared, and on April 23, the whole town turned out to hear "the Proclamation of Congress for a Cessation of Arms. However, it would seem that Foster did not always receive his pay on time, and when he quit in he was owed almost a year's salary.

Postwar inflation followed by a serious recession hit the library, and, as many members were late paying their annual dues, the proprietors devised a new payment scheme at one meeting. George Burrill, who became librarian inwas to "be allowed and paid for his services the fines which accrue Some were sold to satisfy the creditors of "insolvent debtors," others were auctioned at public venue because the proprietor had not paid his dues, some were part of an estate, a few were given away to, favorite relatives, while the rest were straightforward Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 transactions.

The tiansfers were recorded in a ledger, and two interesting details emerge. First, not all the proprietors lived in Providence-some Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 as far away as Newport, while Smithfield, Glocester, Rehoboth, Attleboro, Cranston, and Warwick were all represented. Second, not all proprietors were members of the merchant elite. Just as the founding members of the library had been a mixture of the wealthy and the up-and-coming, both merchants and artisans, those who bought and sold shares included shipwrights and chaisemakers, bakers and tailors, skinners and saddlers, shopkeepers, innkeepers, and blacksmiths.

The existence of;artisans on the rolls Hot Girl Hookup OH Goshen 45122 the Providence Library Company is significant.

Providence's merchant families did well out of the RevolutionaryWar. Their city replaced Newport as the gateway to southern New England; they established lucrative trade routes with Group fun Franklin granny fuck and the East Indies and built themselves fine new houses on College Hill.

Meanwhile, the artisans did less well as they were hindered by high prices andrenewed competition from British imports. In a group of master craftsmen founded the Providence Association of Mechanics and. Manufacturers, a group that would later form its own library. At this time, however, the reading needq and tastes of the artisans did not differ from those of the other library proprietors, and for the next thirty years or so, until economic conditions changed and class differences started to solidify, the artisans continued to use the Providence Library Company and Single ladies seeking hot sex Houghton rebuild the collection of "usefull and edifylng Books.

View of Providence infrom Federal Hill Drawn from a scene painked on an old drop curtain, byVIorral1, of Boston, and used from to in the Old Providence Theatre, which formerly stood on the present site of Grace Church.

In the 17gos, with the United States Constitution finally ratified, Providence was on the move. New streets were being built, bridges spanned the Seekonk River, ships crowded the wharves, and produce wagons jostled for space outside the Market House.

Partly because of the destruction of Newport by the British, the population of Providence surged from 4, at the beginning of the Revolutionary War to 7, in 18oo. John Brown, to the evident admiration of the Duc de la Rochefoucauld, had recently "accomplished things that, even in Europe, would appear considerable. What they Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 was an Sexy wife want sex Chatham suffering badly from neglect and reduced circumstances.

Few books had been purchased for a quarter century. Not only tea had been affected by patriotic fervor: Over the years numerous books had been lost and damaged. Between recalcitrant proprietors unwilling to pay their annual fees, careless handling by Brown students and members of the General Assembly, vandalism, and general wear and tear, the library, which Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 boasted some goo "well selected books in its heyday, was now "much reduced, the setts broken and the Volumes mutilated and defaced.

They also wanted to raise enough reveque to secure "a person qualified for the office" of librarian, an individual who dould devote "such attention as would accommodate the.

Seven men divided up the town between them. Merchants John Smith and Joseph Jenckes took the area north of the Weybosset Bridge; Captain Joseph Tiinghast, one of the leaders of the Gaspee raid;, and Nicholas Brown I1 were responsible for the area south of the bridge; lawyer William Richmond and cotton merchant Paris Tilinghast took the west side of the riyer; while Jabez Bowen, a member of Brown's class ofwas to "apply at the College.

The library needed an injection of funds, as well as of enthusiasm, so the Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 decided to start a membership drive.

There was an influx of new proprietors; forty shares changed hands between and and by fifty-two new shares had been sold. The directors were ingenious men anxious to increase their stock of books, and by they had decided that new subscribers could pay in kind for their shares.

Among those who took advantage of this "shares for books" deal was Isaac Greenwood who donated five volumes of Millet's Ancient and Modern History, Zephaniah Andrews who delivered eight volumes of the English literary magazine the Spectator, and Job Danforth who gave two folio volumes of Burrough's Law Report.

Thus several hundred newbooks were obtained, and the collections started to grow again. JohnHowland John Howland played an important role in both the library and the Mechanics Association. Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 was a barber by trade and a joiner by nature.

Over his long life-he lived Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 the age of ninety-seven-he served on the boards of numerous local organizatiols, ranging from the Rhode Island Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry to the Temperance Society.

John Howland joined the library indonating eleven volumes. They included a collection of sermons by nonconformist minister Philip Doddridge, some "Pamphlets being Sunday Orations," and a volume on prophecy by British religious fanatic Richard Brothers, who, before being committed to an asylum, had announced himself "nephew of the Almighty" and apostle of a nkw religion, the Anglo-Israelites.

He is an excellent example of the "self-made man" of the early republic, with his finger in many pies and a strong sense of civic duty. John Howland was born in Newport to a poor but respectable family one of his ancestors had arrived on the next ship after the Mayflower and had little formal schooling. College Street. Charging higher prices than any of his competitors, Howland saw his shop become a Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 in both senses of the word: They had thirteen children, of whom eight died in infancy.

Howland was very interested in public education and served on the first Providence School Committee. He also served on the board of the Providence Library Company from tobut after that time his attention turned to several new ventures.

He was town treasurer for the next fourteen years, as well as being Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 in the creation of the Providence Association of Mechanics and Manufacturers' Library inand of the Rhode Island Historical Society inI THE REAL THING as its president for twenty-three years.

Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 a while men were comfortable as members of both the Mechanics Association and the Providence Library Company, Lady looking casual sex AL Courtland 35618 as time went lon and class lines became more rigid, the members of the Mechanics Association felt it necessary to create their own library.

The foundation of the Providence Mechanics and Manufacturers' Library in the tenth such library in the United States see Appendix 4 -was to mark a change of direction and emphasis for the Providence Library Company. Colleges, such as Brown, still offered a classical education, and ambitious young men who could not afford college or who would rather learn about electricity, steamboats, or machines would find a comfortable home in the new Mechanics Association library, which was broader in scope, less exclusive, and cheaper than Adult looking hot sex KS Ottawa 66067 proprietary libraries.

A ReadingWorn?: Mary Howell Joinsthe Library Meanwhile, the Providence Library Company became more refined, more suited to gentlefolk, male and female, and to the young. A few women had, by this time, joined the library in their own right: Most of these women were widows, but in November the board of directors voted to admit twenty-four-year-old Mary Howell as a proprietor of the library in return for the following books: It is an interesting and somewhat eclectic collection.

The last named was undoubtedly from her father's library; he was Professor David Howell ia member of Congress during the Federal period. Howell, a very talented man, grad.