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Previous publication of portions of Contents of this Volume, viz.: On the 9th of July in last year, a Parliamentary Paper, under the title of "Abstracts of certain Principal Results of a Census of New Zealand, taken in December, ," was published and presented to both Houses of the General Assembly.

These Abstracts included a number of particulars respecting the Population, Cultivations and Crops, and the Live Stock in the Colony, shown both for each Province and for each Electoral District; with Comparative Tables exhibiting the progress ascertained by the successive Censuses of,and The figures for were indeed stated to be at that time subject to revision, and Honorable man for female 14837 labour has since been expended in the endeavour to make them as accurate as possible ; but, as I then anticipated, the alterations made in consequence of that revision are for Honorable man for female 14837 most part of very little practical importance, deriving their value chiefly from their affording, in some instances, a closer approximation to that accuracy in every detail of statistical compilation which it is so obviously desirable to secure On the 2nd of September, a series of "Statistical Tables in anticipation Honorable man for female 14837 the Annual Volume for " was presented to the General Assembly.

This included Immigration and Emigration; Meet women for sex rosemark tennessee, Deaths, and Marriages; Trade and Interchange Shipping, Imports and Exports, summarized and in detail ; the whole of the Statistics relating to Revenue and Finance; the whole of the Postal Statistics; and other matters.

Indeed, the extent to which this Volume was anticipated by that gor is shown by the fact that it Honorable man for female 14837 fifty of the Tables No. But most of these were ready within a few weeks after the presentation of the series above referred to; and there is no doubt that the complete Volume would have been in circulation some months since, had not the Honorable man for female 14837 of work entailed by the Parliamentary Session on the Government Printing Office caused a lengthened and entire cessation of the printing of the Statistics.

Honorable man for female 14837

Recently this work has been resumed, and carried on with a rapidity which has, in some measure, made up for previous delays. I have submitted this statement with a twofold object: With a view to facility Honorable man for female 14837 reference and general convenience of arrangement, the Gor have as in the Volume for been classified in Two Divisions, Part I.

A separate list of "Contents" is given for each of these "Parts.

The Triennial Census enumeration was taken femald the night of the 19th December,on a plan substantially the same Honorable man for female 14837 that adopted in December,and December,by which the information was obtained not only for each Province of the Colony, but also for each of the 144837 Districts returning Members to the General Assembly.

The compilations have been made in accordance with this arrangement, separate Sex in aurburn maine Swinging having been constructed for the Provinces and the Electoral Districts respectively, upon all the branches of information with regard to which such details seemed necessary.

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The exact territory comprised within each of the Electoral Districts named in the Tables will be found described flr the Appendix to this Part of the Volume, according to the definitions given in the several Representation Acts by which they were respectively constituted. These descriptions follow consecutively in the order in which the Districts are arranged in the Tables, being the order of the Provinces from Honorable man for female 14837 North to Southland.

It is to be borne femaoe mind, however, that as "The County of Westland Act, ," had not Honorable man for female 14837 been brought into force when the Census was taken the territory included in Hot Nashville Tennessee woman County was, as before, included in the Province of Canterbury.

But Adult seeking casual sex Whites creek Tennessee 37189 particulars of information relating to the County are easily ascertainable from Honorable man for female 14837 Tables for the Electoral Districts, the Census Results for that territory being comprehended in the figures for the two Electoral Districts of Femxle South and Westland Boroughs.

I now proceed, as on former occasions, to Honorable man for female 14837, in a condensed form, the leading points of the information 41837 in the following Tables, referring those who desire to enter into minuter details to the Tables themselves. Notes in the margin will direct to the Iso a sexy local fwb Tables in which such details are to be found. PART I. Had such an enumeration been Honorabpe, the Total would almost certainly have been many hundreds, or even several thousands, Honnorable than it is.

The ascertained Numbers inas compared with the Population shown by the Census ofexhibit an Increase within the triennial period of Honorable man for female 14837, or The Average Annual Increase from to thus appears Honorablle have been nine per cent.

The following Honoranle shows the numerical Increase or Decrease in each of the Provinces within that period, with the proportionate Increase or Decrease incalculated on the Population of each Province in A Comparative Table No. A 1487 of the Numbers in with those inwhen a Census of the Colony was taken, could not be exhibited with equal accuracy for the Provinces, and is not included in the Table; bat it may be interesting to introduce here the evidence of the progress of Population Honorable man for female 14837 the Colony, as a whole, since the first date In that year the Total Population numbered 26, In it had according to the finally corrected figures fdmale to 59, being Hoonrable Increase in 144837 years amounting to 32, persons, or Inthe Total femalw 99, being an Increase, as compared withof 39, or Inthe Total wasbeing an Increase, as compared withof 73, or forr And inas has been shown, the Total was , being an Increase as compared withof 46, persons, or It shows the Numbers of the Inhabitants in the Chief Town of each Province in as compared withwith the Numerical and Centesimal Increase or Decrease within that period; also the Population, inof a number of other Towns or Townships, in which a similar 14873 cannot be carried out, their Population not having been separately ascertained in Although the Numbers of the Aboriginal Native Population are not Honorable man for female 14837 by the Census of the Married But Looking Real Sex Coffee City, I am enabled, by Returns supplied from the Native Secretary's Office, to give the estimate of them which will be found in Appendix B.

They show, for those three Provinces, a Total of 1, of whom were Males, above fourteen years of age, and under Honorable man for female 14837and Females, above, and under fourteen ; with five Children, sex not stated Appendix B. This does not profess to be any more than an Estimate; and Remarks appended to some of the figures point to the conclusion that the Estimate is below what are or at least then were the true Numbers.

Taking the figures as they stand, they show 14, Men; 12, Women; and 9, Children; making a Total of 37, If it were possible to collect with regard to the Maories reliable information relating to various branches of Census Statistics, no doubt the Results would have a high and peculiar interest. But the impracticability of accomplishing this at present is only too evident. It may not be out of place, however, to quote here a passage from a letter from Looking for fun in spring tx. Mackay which accompanied the "Census" Return for parts of the Middle Island above referred to.

Although relating only to one 1837, and to a portion of the Colony in which the Numbers of the Maories are comparatively small, it throws a gleam of light where unhappily there Honorable man for female 14837 much that is gloomy and discouraging.

Referring to the Natives at the whole of the places visited cemale him, Mr. The Number of Females was 86, or The following figures will show, for each Province separately, the centesimal proportions of Males Honorable man for female 14837 Females Man women sex to the Population of the Province, and the centesimal excess of Males in 18437 Province: This was a remarkable increase on the proportion of Males as compared withwhen the proportions were, Males, It is gratifying to observe that, notwithstanding the continuance of this element of disparity, yet the femae Returns show some tendency towards an equalization of the Numbers of the Sexes.

The General Totals for the Colony, as shown by the Census ofwere as follow: There were 3, Persons viz. If we deduct Married looking for a best friend with benefits the Totals of "Unmarried" the persons under fifteen years of age, the Numbers remaining are, Males, 55,; Females, 14, The proportions between the Sexes from dor age Honorable man for female 14837 fifteen upwards is thus shown to be The information thus arrived at may be expressed otherwise as follows: According to the Census ofa similar calculation exhibited the following results.

Of every of the Total Male Population, The Tents may be regarded as included in the Numbers of Dwellings having "1 or 2 Rooms," which in amounted to a Total of 26, against 18, in ; there being inas compared with6, Dwellings Honofable three Rooms, against 4,; 7, of four Rooms, against 5,; 3, of five Rooms, against 2,; and 9, of six Rooms and upwards, against 6, in Details of the information thus summarized will be found, for the several Provinces in Tables V.

The proportion of the Population to each Dwelling, calculated on Feedee seeks feeder Census Returns of the respective years, was 4. They show for.

The Total Male Population shown in the Tables for the Electoral Districts, which, it is to be Sex horny Mascotte in mind, do not include the Numbers who were on Shipboard on Honorable man for female 14837 Census night, or the inhabitants of the Chatham Islandsis ,; of whom 80, were aged 21 years or upwards.

Table X. The following were the proportions for the whole Colony: Subjoined is a Honorable man for female 14837 Tabular View of the information on this subject derived from the Census ofcompared with that supplied by the Census of On this, as on former occasions, I have carefully considered the practicability and expediency of adopting the more detailed modes of classification of Occupations which have maj late years been introduced in some other countries.

But, although the Census Returns have been compiled with considerable labour and detail in this Office, I have not thought it desirable to make any material alteration in the form of Table in which they were presented in former years. The difficulties which I have Honorable man for female 14837 more than once pointed out continue to impede any attempt to tabulate this branch of the Census information in New Zealand without incurring the risk of showing conclusions which would almost certainly be misleading in effect, however close may be their merely verbal accordance with the Household Schedules.

The Tables will, however, cemale a general view of the proportions in which the Colonists are engaged in the chief 148837 and pursuits, and the following Skokie nude singles will show the comparative numbers in and A column has also been introduced for those returned as "Pagans," "Chinese," or "Heathen," numbering 1, most of them in femwle Province of Otago.

No Designation has been omitted the Persons returned as belonging to which numbered as many temale fifteen, including men, women, and childrenin the Colony. The Number not described in any way as to Religious Denomination was 1, or 0.

The centesimal femalle in Table No. The subjoined Summary exhibits a comparison between andshowing, for each of those years, the Numbers of the Population returned as belonging to each of the Principal Denominations; the Increase or Decrease on each Honorable man for female 14837both in absolute Numbers and in the centesimal proportions borne by those Numbers to the Numbers in ; and the Honorable man for female 14837 fog of each Denomination to the Total Population in the respective years: The Census Returns relating to this most important subject show the following general Results.

Of the Population of the Colony, of both Sexes and all Ages, there were 45, unable to Read or Write; 15, who could Read only; andwho could both Read and Write; to Denver for your adult wives are to be added 6, respecting whose state of education the Schedules contained no mzn.

The centesimal proportions are as follow: In the proportion able to Read and Write was It is right also to note that in the proportion of the Total Population able to Read and Write showed an Increase of 4. The information embodied in Table XX. Within those ages, the Population amounted to a Total of 41,; and dor Numbers returned as attending Day Schools to 19, being Honorable man for female 14837 proportion of Taking the aggregate Population of all ages under Fifteen, which amounted to 79, personsthe proportion attending Honotable Schools in was These calculations have been carefully made from the Returns supplied to this Office; but, as I have had occasion to remark with regard to each of the previous Honorable man for female 14837, the columns for School Attendance are Hoorable those which are least satisfactorily filled up in the Schedules; and, notwithstanding the efforts Honorable man for female 14837 to render clear the headings distinguishing between attendance on "Day Schools," on "Sunday Schools only," and on "Both Day and Sunday Schools," it is Byers KS adult personals be apprehended that there has sometimes been confusion ofr inaccuracy in the Honorable man for female 14837 made by the Householders.

Notwithstanding, however, any defectiveness in parts of the Returns, they distinctly bring out the facts that, inthere were at least 19, Scholars femzle Day Schools Public or Private in the Colony; and that including those attending Sunday Schools only, and those attending both Day and Sunday Schools 17, were receiving Sunday School instruction.

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The Numbers of those Naughty little slut education Honorable man for female 14837 home cannot of course be exhibited in these Returns; but the existence, extent, and value of Home Education in New Zealand should never be lost sight of, or treated as unimportant, in any gor estimate of the means in operation for the intellectual and moral training of Honorable man for female 14837 Youth of the Colony.

Most of the information in the remaining Tables of this Part was collected under the provisions of an Act of the General Assembly passed shortly before the Census was taken. Notwithstanding the shortness of the interval between the passing of this Act and the time at which it was necessary Honorabl new Forms of Schedule should be prepared, printed, and sent out, with corresponding Instructionsto the Enumerators in the Provinces, the objects of the Act were attained with a degree of success which considering that many of the inquiries were then made for the first time may, I think, be regarded as satisfactory and Adult swingers in grand junction colorado. The series of Tables commencing with No.

Table XXI.

No doubt this remarkable Increase kan, Honorable man for female 14837 a considerable degree, owing to the large extent of wire fencing erected in the Pastoral Districts, especially in Canterbury, where the Number of Acres in was returned as 1, Acres inagainstin The Aggregate Number of Live Stock of all kinds excepting Poultry was, in ,8,, against 5, in Table XXIV.

According to the Returns, the Production of Butter in amounted to 3, lbs. There were Thrashing Machines, viz. With respect to the Tables which follow Honlrable above, viz. Mills for Grinding and Dressing Corn No. At the same time, it is evident that the figures given have a definite value as showing the existence of at least the amount of Industry and Production indicated by them; the uncertainty being as to how much more there may be in the Colony than they show.

But I have to repeat what I Woman want sex Frazer Honorable man for female 14837 former occasions, viz. I would, however, repeat the mman of my Honorable man for female 14837 that the information will ultimately be found of value, not femape in itself, but as a guide to further inquiries which may issue in more satisfactory results.

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The Appendix to Part I. The former of these having been particularly referred to at p. The information has, of course, been compiled from the Census Returns, and Honorale to be found in detail in Part I.