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But amid all the romance of this most picturesque people that ever dwelt in America, and one of the most advanced among aboriginal nations, there is nothing more fascinating than this, the spot where they first ceased to be nomads and became home-dwellers — this ancient, weird, silent, beautiful cave-city of the Tyuonyi.

Photos, by C. See page Echoes of California Fiestas. Partly I because it is possible to enjoy. The habit spreads fast, and many localities on the Coast have already contracted it.

Within a few years, it seems likely, a motion to make it unanimous will carry with a swing. This magazine has already given considerable attention to these spring festival events ; and in the present pages adds a little aftermath of photographic mementoes of this year's fiestas in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Jose and San Bernardino.

Each has had its own specific sort of a good time ; and they have all been as good times as any American town ever saw, and more beautiful and character- istic than any festival could possibly be made in the less lucky States.

As we live and learn, these affairs will grow better every year ; and every year more people will escape temporarily from the East to enjoy them with us. The Los Angeles Fiesta was a magnificent success, artistically 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter financially. Flower Day. Fiesta de Los Angeles. John F. Photo by Waite Mausard-Collier 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter. Photo, by Stiffler. Search for big cocks in denver of 1st prize.

Miss Beulah Morse Kendall. Bebre Photo -Process Co. The Santa Barbara Flower Festival has won a national reputation for its extraordinary beauty and good taste. Seventy-two floral floats pictured the charms of the Garden of the North. Maujard-Collie 25 Catalina.

In the depths of the crags are the mosses, And the salt sea-blooms above ; The glad surf flows, As a gallant goes, With the silvery gifts he tosses, And the song he sings of love, To the clefts of the crags and the mosses, And the salt sea-blooms above.

San Francisco, Cal. The Nectarine. MONG the luscious fruits of Southern California which are com- paratively unknown to a great majority of Eastern people is the nectarine. It looks like a small, smooth, red peach, and in flavor resembles a cross between a peach and a plum. From the fact that the nectarine has no down upon Adult wants casual sex Big pool Maryland 21711, itvhas been humorously called "a peach without 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter.

In some varieties the fruit is entirely red, while in others it is mottled with yellow. The size of the fruit ranges from that of a small apricot to that of an ordinary peach. The nectarine is undoubtedly a "sport" of the peach, which is proved by the fact that a peach pit will sometimes produce a nectarine and vice versa ; and there have been such freaks noticed as peaches and nectarines on the same branch.

The fruit is a great favorite with producers, not only because it is easier to handle, 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter they use it in preference to the peach for home consumption.

It has a clear, waxy appearance when nicely dried that is seldom found in the peach, and the percentage of shrinkage in drying compares favorably with the very best of peaches. The canned fruit is especially fine, but the mass of consumers have never tasted it, and Meet grannies for sex in Bjornebo continue, for some time at least, to call for peaches and apricots in preference.

730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter production of this fruit is in very small proportion to that of the others, and the market, although steadily im- proving, does not call for any large increase. In Europe the nectarine is found growing here and there trained upon brick walls of gardens which have a southern exposure.

There it re- quires much care, but in Southern California it is grown readily in orchard form, after the fashion of the peach and apricot, and with no more trouble. Light, deep, sandy soil, well drained, and hillsides and beach lands where the soil has been formed by decomposed rocks, fur- nish ideal locations for a nectarine orchard. By a pretty courtesy of the lower classes, be her age what it may, she is always called "nifia" child or "sefiorita" young lady.

It is amusing to watch an old white-haired lady going through the market, and hear the hucksters call to her as she passes, " que doy a la nifia " what can I give to the child. Servants, male and female, invariably Buscando una mujer hoy aqui en mi hotel dress their mistresses as "nifia," and when there are several ladies in one household, the eldest is called the "nifia grande.

His name was Panchito, his age four, so his ragged but proud mother informed me. He was quaintly attired in a pair of white linen trousers long enough to touch his little sandalled feet, a short linen coat, and a tall straw sombrero.

As I paused near him he held out a friendly little brown hand saying, " Buenas tardes, nifia" good afternoon, child. A day or two later as I was sitting reading in my drawing room, I heard a childish voice calling "Nifia! He had a tiny bunch of English violets for me, or as he prettily expressed it " a bunch of flowerets for the little maiden. En passant I may remark that among the many charming little courtesies Giving man for chubby girl the Mexicans delight in is that 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter among all classes of giving flowers, especially to strangers.

While I was keeping house in Mexico scarcely a day passed but a bouquet of dainty blossoms arranged in some pretty or odd fashion was left at our door. But though a Mexican woman is by courtesy forever young, as a mat- ter of fact she ages early — I am speaking now of course of the upper classes. At thirty she is middle aged, at forty old.

Whether this is due to her early development or to her mode of living it is difficult to say, but certain it is that the monotony of her life — bounded as it is by the four walls of her home and the nearest church — would drive the average American woman insane in a short time. Of the great world outside her own small city she knows little and cares less ; of intellectual food she has none, save what she can 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter from the perusal of the lives of the Saints and the few translations of French novels which fall in her way.

That Mexican women enjoy so little freedom is in some degree due to a naturally retir- ing character, but more to that jealousy of disposition common to all the Latin peoples, which makes their husbands and fathers desirous of keep- ing them in a seclusion as great as possible.

The last ten years, however, have seen many changes in this respect. The next ten will see still more, and no doubt Mexican women will soon enjoy the same privileges that their Anglo-Saxon sisters now do. But in spite of her disadvantages disadvantages, that is, from our point of view the average Mexican woman — until with advancing years she grows too stout and indolent to be either interesting or interested — is a delightful person to meet.

Her manner is charming, her conversation bright and kindly. In her dress she is apt to be careless in the house, but in church she wears a modest and unobtrusive costume of black which we might do well to 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter ; reserving her fashionable and showy gowns for the afternoon drive or the Sunday evening promenade.

She is a careful housewife, an ideal hostess. Indeed, I have traveled in many parts of the globe 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter have nowhere met with more gracious hos- pitality than in Mexico. As I write, the memory of a quaint old house rises before me, one-storied, fiat-roofed, built around a generous patio or courtyard, on all sides of which ran a wide corridor, with graceful arches and pillars, and paved in red tiles. All the living rooms opened on the corridor and one stepped down into the patio which, with its blossoming flowers, tropical trees, singing birds and tinkling fountain, was a source of endless delight to me.

Dear kindly Dona Emilita, what a pleasant remembrance I shall always keep of your hospitality!

How restful and peaceful the days I passed with you! We rose soon after six. Looking for a kinky sex partner followed mass in the beautiful old church near by ; breakfast whenever one chose to take it consisting of a cup of chocolate or a glass of milk, Pan de huevos a sweet bread and perhaps some beans ; a quiet morn- ing Mohnt with the birds and flowers in the patio ; dinner at two, fol- lowed by a long siesta, a drive, or on band days a walk around the plaza in the cool twilight ; and supper of a cup of chocolate, meat and beans at eight.

Many of the dishes 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Dona 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter table were new to me and I give the recipes of a few of those most easy to prepare. Most of my readers are doubtless familiar with tortillas, the Mexican staff of life ; but for the benefit of those who are not, I countrr explain that they are made of corn which has been boiled with a little lime until the skin is ready to drop off, then ground in a metate, after which the masa or dough is patted or clapped in the hands Peasant thin round cakes like pancakes, and cooked for a few moments on a griddle.

Fairly good tor- tillas can loerslane made of our corn meal and water. These cakes form the foundation of many other ooverslane — the most common being ocunter, which when well made are delicious, and it goes without saying that Dona Emilita's were excellent. Here is her recipe: Sometimes instead of being rolled they are arranged in layers of three. The chile sauce is made of red peppers, toasted and soaked in tepid water until they are soft. Remove the seeds and veins, and crush in a mortar with a little bit of chocolate and cinnamon.

Moisten with stock 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter let it come to a boil. Guajalote en Mole.

Adult Want Nsa Fergus Falls

Turkey in Red Pepper Sauce. Then mix in the turkey, previously cooked and cut into small pieces. Warm up and serve.

730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter

The remains of a cold turkey can be done over nicely in this way. Calabacitas Guisadas. Stewed Squash. 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter these all in a saucepan, adding a little salt and butter and cover with milk instead of water. When cooked, turn into a frying- pan with a little Ladies looking nsa CA San jose 95130 butter and some freshly grated cheese, let it boil up and serve.

Chile Verde con Qdeso. Green Peppers with Cheese. Peel and give the green pulp a thorough washing in cold water. Crush this with three or four tomatoes all the better if they have been 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter toasted and skinned and a little salt. Put a couple of ounces of lard in a frying pan and when 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter is thoroughly hot empty the peppers and tomatoes into it and add half a pound of shredded cheese.

Boil up for a few minutes and serve. Ante de Naranja. Orange Pudding. Let it boil until it is about the consistency of cream. In this syrup moisten layers of sponge cake, and on top of each layer of cake place thin slices of orange sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon. The Mexicans of course prepare the corn in it as they do for tortillas or tamales, but it is very good made as follows: Into five pints of fast boiling water sprinkle a heaping tablespoonful of Indian meal and one teaspoonful of salt.

Stir well and boil for an hour. Put grated chocolate, ac- cording to taste, sugar, some cloves and cinnamon into one pint of boiling 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Stir well and strain into the boiling meal. Stir the mixture well for a minute or two, then pour into a pitcher and serve. San Diego, Cal. Take each fair mask for what it gives itself. Nor strive to 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter beneath it.

The hills, I think, are cold! They wrap themselves in mist, And peep between a fold, As Wives looking hot sex Gettysburg the rain they list. Like creatures wan and strange, The hills go trooping by, Masking, for a change — My 420friendly open minded human hills in the sky.

Avalon, Santa Oataliaa bland. Young maidens, her Hot woman wants sex Prince Edward County Ontario and friends, wept with her, as is the custom in China on the eve of a wedding, but the tears which Ku Yum shed were not merely waters of ceremony ; her heart ached sadly, for tomorrow she would no longer be reckoned as belonging to her father's family, but then and for evermore would be the chattel of a stranger.

All the formalities of betrothal and marriage by proxy had been gone through. The go-between, an uncle of Tie Sung, had arranged everything, even the favorable prediction of the fortune teller, who had prophesied a bright and happy future for the young people. A card on which a dragon was painted assured the parents 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Ku Yum that all was well with their daughter ; and another card with a phoenix satisfied the family of Tie Sung that their son was provided with a wife after their own heart.

So there was nothing more to do but weep, and this Ku Yum did copiously — until her friends had one by one departed and left her alone. Then she brightened up and dried her tears. She was not wholly miserable. The prospect of a new life in a new country was not without its charms, and as Casual sluts from Yreka caught a glimpse of her rich attire in a mirror and saw that her hair was done up for the first time like a married woman's, a change came over her and she felt glad that things were as they were.

She was indulging in some bright day dreams when the voices of her father and mother in the next apartment fell on her ears. They were talking about herself, and this is what they said: She is so plain that I was afraid we should never find a husband for her ; and it was a bright idea to present A-Toy as our daughter when Tie Sung's uncle visited us.

If he had seen Ku Yum he would have sought elsewhere for a bride for Tie Sung, who, they tell me, is particularly well favored.

She was grieved at the thought of losing her daughter, and yet like a dutiful wife, felt bound to smile when her husband was pleased. A-Toy will accompany her as maid.

What a pity it is that Ku Yum is not as good looking as A-Toy. What was this they were saying? Her thoughts flew over Nsa and Toledo for older woman past few weeks.

She remembered how, when Tie Sung's uncle had first come to her father's house, A-Toy, Casual sex Blue Ridge handmaid, had been sent for in great haste and presented to him, whilst she, the daughter of the house, had been bidden to remain in her room.

She remembered also, how on the day of the proxy marriage her mother had laid on her particularly strict injunctions to keep her veil tightly drawn down. But I will die before I hear Tie Sung say: Just Adult dating Syracuse lake days more and Ku Yum and her maid would behold the shores of America.

Sadly Ku Yum gazed on the blue water. Gladly would she have thrown herself into its depths — but the ship must bring a bride to Tie Sung and she was the daughter of a Chinaman and dared not shame her father. A-Toy approached. She was a beautiful girl. Her figure was plump, also her face ; her mouth was small and round, her eye long and bright ; her brows finely arched and penciled, her hair of the deepest black and very abundant.

Ku Yum sighed as she gazed on her. And A-Toy thought: A-Toy, robed as a bride and closely veiled, was helped into a cab by Tie Sung, Ku Yum following, and the whole party drove off to 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Joss house, ill.

A-Toy was attired in a richly embroidered blue silk tunic and gay trousers ; her Single housewives want hot sex Kapolei was built up into a flat structure and adorned with imitation jewels and flowers. She looked very well indeed, but Ku Yum, who was very poorly clad and whose little feet were concealed in a large slipper with a sole like a pyramid, looked pale and thin.

She was engaged in washing some cups and saucers, and every now and then she would lift her hands to wipe away the tears which ran down her cheeks. A-Toy, 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter the action, called her angrily. If you do not stop I will tell Tie Sung to whip you. It is you who are hard and cruel. Ku Yum left the room and went and stood on the veranda. It was evening ; the veranda was high, and looking down one could per- ceive nothing but a soft darkness.

Ku Yum stretched out her arms to the faint moon. Life is too hard to Professional male looking to nice woman for long term. Ku Yum's feet could not possibly be smaller.

He is sending the body to China so that we may have the pleasure of burying it. By the way, he says that the men who discovered A-Toy's body discovered also that her feet were the Golden Lily feet. My dear, do not scream so ; our friends will be running in to see if I'm killing you. Ha You assisted Mrs. 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter You, who had fallen on the floor and was emitting loud screams, to rise ; and as she rose he forced her eyes to meet his.

What she saw in those placid depths had an effect, for she immediately became calm and quiet. The body that arrives must be buried as the body of A-Toy, the slave. I will not be disgraced. Montreal, Canada. The Song of the Western Lark. The species magna extends from Maine to Florida, and, according to some ornithologists, as far west as the Pacific Coast ; but the meadow lark so common in all parts of California, and par- ticularly in the southern half of the State, is the Western Lark, Sturnella neglecta Geological Survey of California.

It resembles closely the lark of the East, but is somewhat lighter in color, and has more yellow in its markings. This bird is a common and familiar object everywhere on the plains and among the foot hills, and may be seen and heard at almost any hour of the day and time of 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Adult singles dating in Dubach, Louisiana (LA). Its flight is rather slow and laborious, seldom more than a few hundred feet at a time, 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter usually not far above the ground, on which, among the grass and weeds, it forms its nest.

It is not a graceful bird, though of beautiful plumage, but is a general favorite. Its song is the most interesting attribute of the Western lark. I have never heard the nightingale, or the English skylark, and know not whether their song possesses this human quality of tone ; but there is no bird with which I am familiar approaching in this respect the Sturnella neglecta.

Another property of this bird's singing is its variety. I have heard at least six or eight different forms of its song, all bearing a general resemblance, so that one recognizes them as the song of a single species ; but differing from one another, like the variations of a theme in music.

In the summer of I passed a few days in sketching at Mission San Fernando, and while there was particularly struck with the peculi- arities of Phone sex personals in Chengchenghsiencheng bird's song. From the nature of my work, and the great number of birds in that region, I was unusually well favored, and all day long, from early morning till sundown, I heard, every few minutes, this bird give its lively, varied song.

My work forbade my devoting much time to the subject, but my few hurried observations led me finally to believe that each bird has a single form of Free texting phone sex in Kunuichon — no one bird singing 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter or more variations. There may be exceptions, but this, I think, will be found true in nearly every case. One morning, while at work, I could not resist giving up a few minutes to studying the songs of the larks all around me, and writing down two or three of them on my sketch-block.

The first is the simplest and most common form: Yet these three examples will give some idea of its musical range and variety. President, Chas.

Vice-President, Margaret Collier Graham. Secretary, Arthur B. Benton, N. Treasurer, Frank A. Gibson, Cashier 1st Nat. Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Frank A. Henry W. Sumner P. Arthur B. Margaret Collier Graham. Jessie Benton Fremont, Col. Otis, R.

Egan, W. Patterson, Adeline Stearns Wing, Geo. Wills, C. Willard, John F. Francis Frank J. Polley Rev. Chichester, Elmer WachteL, Maj. Lee, Rt Rev. Bertrand, Official Photographer It is a pity that everyone capable of a generous interest in the preservation of the noblest ruins in the United States cannot visit the mission of San Juan Capistrano and see what is being done there by the Landmarks Club.

A half hour would suffice to con- vert the dullest, both to the need of enlightened work and the care and economy with which such work is being prosecuted ; 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter the necessary funds would be at once forth- coming. Few who have not visited the spot have any idea of the importance of this church which the Spanish frailes founded in the wilderness, among Indians and for Indians, in the very year our republic was born.

As a model of architectural art, the mission is one of the finest in the United States. On page 21 three photo-engravings show graphically j list what is being done by the Landmarks Club. Figure I shows a point in the south front as it was some years ago. When the Club was organized last winter this building was in still worse condition; the roof being farther gone and the end wall at left of picture entirely fallen out. Figure II shows the old roof stripped off and replaced with a new structure of Oregon 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter.

Figure III presents the same roof fully rebuilt and with the tiles replaced. But this is only a small proportion of the work done, though a fair sample. East of the two-story building seen in the center of the picture, a similar roof has been as com- pletely repaired; the tiles being carefully 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter, the 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter rafters of sycamore poles replaced with a truss roof of Oregon pine, and the tiles replaced.

The kitchen which has the fine brick-lattice chimney shown in the 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter had terrible breaches in both outside walls ; and in a few years its splendid stone vault must have fallen. But these breaches have been repaired with solid masonry, new door 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter window frames have been put in, and the vault is now secured with iron tie-rods.

With its roof, this building is now good for at least years. Through it was the main entrance to the patio or in. This was broken down, but has been repaired substantially.

The western end wall has also been Lady want sex tonight FL New port richey 34654, as is shown in the last engraving.

Besides the complete repair of this important building, about feet of the foot cloisters have been solidly roofed with Oregon pine rafters and redwood sheeting, pre- paratory to covering them with asphaltum as in the old days.

These roofs had alto- gether disappeared, and it was imperatively necessary to restore them to protect the adobe buildings. The rebuilding in this case, as in all others, is done precisely along the original lines. The only difference is that the lumber is sawed instead of being hewed. The Club would have been glad to use hewn beams, but is content to save the mission with the vastly cheaper machine-made lumber. A great many minor matters have been attended to— like cleansing the rooms long occupied by the chickens of the old custodian, restoring the benches in the inner corri- dor, removing debris, etc.

Indeed, it is something of which the directors feel proud that so very much has been accomplished with so little expense. Every lover of these old piles is debtor, as the Club is, to Judge Egan of 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter, who has person- ally managed the work. As for the manner in which these repairs, and those on other historic Landmarks will be prosecuted, it is enough to say that the details are carefully superintended by 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter of the most competent architects in California and a specialist who has devoted the best years of his life to the study of these remains all over Spanish- America.

The next work of the Club will be to repair the dilapidated adobe church in the rear of the buildings shown in the engravings. This was the original edifice built by Fr. Juni- pero Serra, in ; a fine, solid structure about feet long, with superb adobe walls. An iron tie-rod has Wives looking hot sex MI Detroit 48217 been placed where it will Are you a deep throath cim girl these from farther bulging; and two more will be added.

The roof must be entirely replaced, the sycamore-pole rafters being rotten and cracked. This, roughly speaking, will close up the necessary- work at San Juan for the present ; and in the fall the Club can turn to the next Mission on its list. Larger contributions are even more welcome. Every thoughtful man and woman in the United States is invited to join. Previously acknowledged: The Pasadena Committee Mrs. Marshall Wotkyns, Mrs. Holder, Sirs. Seymour Locke, Mrs. Heldmann, Rector St.

Gardner, Santa Monica, Cal. Whipple, Oneonta, N. Marriner, Pasadena, Cal. Silas Holman. Ferry, j r. Cheating wives in Cambridge ma, San Francisco ; Prof.

Fillmore, Claremont. In all cases where other addresses are not given, the donors reside in Los Angeles. Services and material: Teams for hauling lumber, sand, gravel, etc. Five Women want sex Du Quoin years the cry of " Westward! At last God greatly smiled ; here ever glows The sun of peace on man's and nature's face. The crowning crown is gained — beyond is space — And all that man may ask this 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter bestows.

Rest now, O weary race, for evermore! The Lord of Life still beckons on before To His own land of peace beyond the sun. But California ends the earthly quest. Whatever else he hasn't, the missionary has to have patience. Without it he would be as useless as a congressman without pockets.

So the Western kindergartner need not mind if his efforts to dispel the ignorance of the East are apparently fruitless for a long time. He has a 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter contract on hand, to begin with ; and then, it is so much more restful to stay untaught — particularly when you can peddle your ignorance at ten cents a copy or a dollar the volume by big editions.

As for the Lion, he expects nothing less than discouragement. Any rapid conversion of Boston and New York publishers to the gospel of giving honest measure for good money would surprise him beyond what is safe for the nerves. No, he is grieved but not a whit astonished to note how endemic ignorance persists in the self-satisfied centers.

The Appletons, for example, have just turned loose on the world, in Crane's Red Badge of Courage, enough horrible grammar to send any dozen grammar-school boys down a grade or two. Why should one bother to hire an editor or a proofreader who knows the English language from a porous-plaster? As for grammar, if much worse was ever published than adorns the Critic's leader of May 2, one hopes not to discover it.

Crane's story is a strong one ; and the Critic's article is high-grounded censure of Cougar as sex partner public abuse ; but neither has pardon for being illiterate. Contributors are paid to write ; but editors are paid — by the public if not by the publishers — to watch how that writing is done, and to correct it where correction has need.

It is not honest to mislead ignorant readers, nor wise to offend educated ones, by permitting a vulgar abuse of the language. In about the same breath, we find the Boston Literary 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter egre- giously praising Wm. Elerojf Curtis's Venezuela — the book over whose ignorance and incompetency the Nation had proper fun the week before.

A great many people have published what they didn't know about South America ; but Mr. Curtis is probably entitled to first rank. His former book — Capitals of Spanish- America, or title to that effect — was un- doubtedly the most impossible work and probably the most unscrupul- ous ever written on a continent we have a right to take some interest in.

As for his Venezuela performance, the Nation's exposure of the book is enough to settle his Sex dating in Alberta forever. The Literary World is an excellent journal ; and it should not feel happy over having sent this volume to such an incompetent reviewer.

To be a laughing-stock among those who know, is bad enough ; but it is worse to remember that you have sold bogus information to trusting readers who do not know. Not a week goes but some such offense is committed by some prominent concern in the East. But patience, brethren! It may be that by perseverance for a century or so we Westerners shall teach our condescending instructors to earn their salary. At any rate, we are going to try.

In its abundant space it gave reasons enough to satisfy any reasoning person four times over that we should not bark our national shins in behalf of the Senegambian Debses of the Ever Faithful Isle. But it is enough to make any lover of the Argonaut grieve — and the Lion has for years been one — when that weekly gravely clinches its arguments by declaring that the A.

And there are certainly Argonaut readers who know the difference between the Argonaut' s usually sane arguments Adult seeking real sex MO Springfield 65806 such beheaded imbecility as this. Huntington has been a little silly and a belongs.

At seventy-five one may think he would better be making his peace with God than acquiring Congress ; but that is his personal affair. In the present instance he is merely trying to get what he can for himself and for the corporation he heads. The politics we have made do not liven the moral perceptions, and it is quite conceiva- 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter that Mr. Huntington believes he is fully justified and that the rest of us are a fool. But there is no such apology for Congress.

You may explain it as you prefer. The presence of a tre- mendous lobby in Washington may not be for corruption. But the fact remains that the Rivers and Harbors Committee spat in the face of an overwhelming majority of the people of Southern California, in the face of the government engineers, and tried to give the owner of the lobby all he asked.

The California papers which are flaying Mr. Huntington would better get after Mr. Frye, the Maine man who has made so savory a record all through this Congress and capped it now. And we all might quit abusing " Uncle Collis " long enough to remember what we are who elect the Fryes.

For in a government of, by and for the people, the ultimate blame of whatsoever misgovernment there is, rests with us who did it with our little ballot.

Thanks to the truth, and to Senator Stephen M. White its magnificent champion, the congressional attempt to pay three million dollars reward to a private citizen for having a pull has been thwarted— at least for the present. New Mexico has faults. There are a great many of its people who do not know the useful things 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter editor of the Argonaut does ; but they all know many things he does not — and things worthy to be known.

They have been in the country a century or so longer than his forebears have, and are quite as much entitled to full American citizenship as he is. If they cannot write so brilliantly as he, so what they write or say is less danger- ous when wrong — and as a matter of fact they are quite as often right as he on matters of morals or of sense. As every man knows who is not naked of knowledge — even though he have no paper wherein to Wife seeking hot sex Minatare what he doesn't know — the trouble in New Mexico is not from the "priest-ridden" native population.

They are uneducated, godfearing, law-abiding, America-loving folk, whom only an coumter less excusable than their own would ever mock. If there be any menace in the admis- sion of the Territory to statehood, it will be in the few 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter — educated, English-speaking, unridden by any religion whatever — who often 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter into power there.

They are of the same stripe as the best- known San Francisco politicians. New Mexico is human, but there has never been a day in her three centuries when her society, her politics and her morals would not make a white mark on those of the city where the Argonaut has been published for nineteen Pleassant. And now comes the Youth's Counyer, advising that neither another should Arizona be admitted to statehood — because her prisons hasty are too well patronized.

It is plausible to argue for " the con- tinuance of Arizona under Federal control until a larger per cent, of its people show moral principle enough to keep out of the penitentiary.

When justice goes gun- ning for a man in Arizona, it is pretty apt to get him. Whatsoever Pleadant ought to feel entirely at home in our beasts present Congress.

Even as horned cattle think with Meet nude women in Sekiu Washington OF THE hoofs, and paw the earth, and snort, and run away they know not why and the deuce knows whither, so the mavericks now in Wash- ington assembled have all the traditions of the herd. conuter

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They have fairly earned the brand of the Stampede Congress. Anyone who has ever watched a bunch of longhorns sniff the air, and bellow, and get their heads down and their tails kinked, and break away on a stampede, must lovetslane " felt natural " when the Venezuela and Cuba episodes came.

Ex- cept that the cattle generally have a little better idea what they are about. It sees by detail but counts by majorities. It presupposes learning, fairness and skill. And there is precious little of it in the United States — it being so much cheaper to praise ignorantly or abuse for malice' sake.

The last half-decade has invented a distinct new sort of magazines — made not to be read but to be looked at. They are a liberal education in the possibilities of the female form divine at about a quarter-to-bedtime. It contains pages filled with the very information for which people go to a guide-book ; and no material point seems to have been omitted. Part I, by J. Widney, A.

730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter matters are set forth comprehensively, if rather inco- herently ; and it is a marvelous sum to be added up — the charms of this region and the unprecedented development which has so transformed it in a decade. One must respect the industry by which such a mass of information has been gathered ; and on the whole the story is adequately told — though Ladys to fuck en Adelphi any of Pleasatn literary charm which makes Van Dyke's valuable books on California so readable.

It is wrong that so handsome a book should be disfigured by the in- numerable carelessnesses which mark nearly every page of Part II. Wleven detract coujter from the material usefulness of the volume ; but 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter dignity is seriously lowered by its being overrun with bad grammar and sheer blunders, to say nothing of a few errors of more import.

Spanish words are oftener misspelled than not ; and for English company they have plenty of such mistakes as " Nymphia" the water-lily"Spreck- les," " Vandyke " and the like. The railroad names are confusion worse confounded ; and, except in the case of the Southern Pacific, are conuter often wrong than right.

The "California Central " railroad is a favorite fiction of this book — it certainly People looking to fuck Opelousas nowhere else. Los Angeles was never named " Pueblo de la reina de los Angeles ; " and Fremont's head- quarters are not "still standing;" and no place-name in America is pronounced " Cat-aye-lee-nah ; " nor is San-Juan-by-the-Sea "a center of population.

One would fancy that pride would have led to their correction before now— particularly as Eastern critics, years ago, exposed so many of them in the first edition. Even the unpremeditated " tenderfoot " knows that half those figures would be a rich average.

The book is a monument of labor ; and, rid of these unworthy blem- ishes, would remain a standard for many years. Since the Ahkoond of Swat discontinued business, the art of might swallowing a Poeasant without tasting the words had come try near to being lost.

But it has been found again, and with a 1 fullness which that lamented potentate never dreamed of. The New Bohemian is a Cincinnati magazine, published half to prove the culture and modesty of the Queen City, and half to resuscitate those abused writers whom other editors have habitually drowned in the waste-basket.

The New Bohemian is doing justice to both aims. The dripping geniuses are all in sight ; and there is certainly no other place in the world except Cincinnati where the culture-atmosphere — or the drinking-water — could inspire such flights as 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter, which are fair samples of the Bohemian. It does this with irrecusable periodicity.

Housewives looking casual sex Corbin reminds one again of God's thoughtfulness in putting much geography between Cincinnati and the West. Every man and woman who knows to read what is worth read- His ing has a loss in the death of H. We have had other writers ' as delicate as he, and others as virile ; but perhaps not one, 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter our mod- ern national life, so virile and so delicate at once.

No other man has ever held a humorous paper so high as he held Puck; and by that clean engine of fun and satire he did most to mold public opinion. But it is aside from his duties Pike Creek women wanting sex a high journalist that the 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter few will longest remember him. His purely literary work lovefslane not great but it is beautiful; inspired with the same fine taste and deft strength which marked what- ever he did, loversland with the best opportunity for their expression.

Design Oct 14 sections A and B by dfavorite - Issuu

He died at forty-one, with his best work to come. To those who loved him for himself as well as for what he did, his untimely death is a great blow.

And American literature in this adulterated day can ill afford to lose a man who never lost his head or his literary scrupulousness. For some folks a book is made to be read ; for others, it is a made to be picked to pieces. Once opened, no one but an rattling Anabaptist will slam the covers of 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter.

Marriott Watson's stori Galloping Dick until the last page is read ; for it has as galloping a way as its hero, and as insistent. It chronicles various exciting episodes in the career of a knight of the road 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter the time of " Old Rowley ; " and is a clever, roystering and unexpected tale which takes hold upon the blood and the imagination.

Naturally, there are lapses in the local and temporal color ; but as a rule these are as apt as the unusually ingenious plot— or series of plots. The book is beautifully made.

That Flora Macdonald Shearer belongs among the few on the " the Coast who are entitled to write in verse, her recent volume, legend The Legend of Aulus, bears conclusive witness — though the of aulus. Miss Cool- brith feels every poetic touch of her environment, but Mrs. Shearer seems to 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter only the traditions.

Her 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter is a Scot, and a severe one, and reads no fashion-plates but the classics ; but for all that, 'tis a high- minded, clear-voiced muse.

The title poem, set to a fable of the Cesta Romanorum, is consistent if a trifle heavy. The sonnets and other verses, which fill more than half the little Seeking Erie who want to et fucked together, are more spontane- ous. Though one may regret that they are so inevitably in gray, their average pitch is excellent, and their highest notes are fine.

As charac- teristic as anything in the book is 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter close of her sonnet on the violin: Thou art a lamentation and a cry Of bodiless souls, that, turning to depart, From off the threshold of the vast inane. Call upon us who are about to die. The book is on deckle-edged, handmade paper, and in Doxey's best taste. Doxey, San Francisco. Joaquin Miller has just issued a new volume of poems, Songs of the Soul.

The same firm is also bringing out Prof. Tessa L. Kelso, sometime librarian of the public library of Los Angeles, is conducting a department " About Libraries" in the Lotus. The Critic says Ap. But our esteemed New York friend is respectfully advised that there is no such Spanish word as "serape" it should be zarape ; and that "caballi " as the plural of caballo is enough to make the cripple of Lepanto burst his grave.

Kimball goes to New York with the book business, and Mr. Francis F. Browne, editor of the Chicago Dial, the foremost literary fortnightly in America, has just wrenched loose trom God's country for the fourth time. He admits that each parting is harder ; and while his work is in Chicago his heart is here.

Capt John G. Bourke, one of the most scholarly men in our regular army, a well-known writer on 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter phases of the Southwest, and this year President of the American Folklore Society, has been revisiting Southern California. His present station is Fort Ethan Allen, Vt. Puck celebrated its th issue the other day.

One may not always agree with its politics, but no one can disagree with Puck's brains. It is confessedly the foremost humorous paper in the world. Nature's lover finds the bicycle his best friend in this land of sun-going- down ; for it is most prac- tical, most convenient and Mausard-Collier Eng. And to him who finds most delight in speed, the Southwest also becomes a Mecca ; for here are bicycle race-tracks galore in a climate that makes record breaking and the fastest speed possible.

The world of cycling is learning that "far-away California" Beautiful mature want xxx dating SC pro- duce the best racing men as well as the speediest race horses and winning athletes. This is indeed the pleasure ground of the earth. Nowhere are sunshine, flowers, atmosphere and civilized comforts so nicely combined with scenery that excites and yet rests, that delights, that inspires all ; and, over all, the bluest of serene skies.

The bicycle is everywhere. The horse, our friend of ages — so dear to the traveler, the tiller and the man of family — seems to have been half superseded in this sunny land by that strange bird-like creation of rub- ber, wood, steel and leather.

Go about the cities and you see the wheel more common than the horse. Sally out into the country, among the orange Today want sex in Nashville Tennessee, the plains, the grain fields, and the bicycle is there.

Follow nature among the foothills, and beside the sea — and the steed of silence is ever present. Those grand old piles, the saintly-named Missions, our world-famous, historic ruins, are bound together and brought closer by the swift cycle. Illustrated rom photos, by the author. And, like the magic carpet of the Arabian Nights, this air-shod steed whisks you almost in a wink to a modern hotel where breakfast is welcome.

You tear yourself away from the oft- described beauties of the San Gabriel valley, and your wheel sweeps you along the foothills of the Sierra Madre, where the wide green valley of San Fernando unfolds to you with its border of a hundred mountain peaks surrounding this Eden.

Long before noonday you are inspecting the walls, colonnades, and arches of what was once San Fernando Mission. A temple, like Solomon's, made by thousands of hands ; with timber hewn in the hills full twenty miles away and brought oft-times on the shoulders of the toil- ers ; with stone and metal from foreign lands completed, and with 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter from the mountains and the fruit of the land enriched.

You tarry here with your camera, perchance ; seek lunch in the near- by town, and then off to the next Mission in far-away San Buenaventura ; skimming along the mountain sides and over the broad, fruitful valleys, with their thousands of sheep, cattle and horses.

After the late dinner, which only a bicycle trip can make taste so well, you sink to dreamless rest, and rise the next morning early for 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter exhilarating ride to the quaint old Mission at far-famed Santa Barbara. On every hand new sights and wonders greet you, while by your side old ocean's organ peals. To the user of the cycle and who does not ride should at once learn Southern California offers greater charms than any spot else in America.

On every hand historic One night stand at your place tonight and ruins are found. The freedom from rain takes away worry. And exercise puts the rider in good humor with himself and the rest of the world. From Riverside a few minutes' ride brings one to Redlands, with its wonderful mountain-top park, which can be explored perfectly with a wheel ; San Bernardino, the Mormon City, with all its curiosities and near-by mineral springs ; Colton, with its rich mountain rising out of the plain ; and other towns, each in its way inviting attention.

Pasadena, crown of San Gabriel 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter, is less than an hour's ride from Los Angeles by several routes, and in all directions from the Crown City are canons, natural parks, vineyards, beautiful boulevards and scenery that cannot be exhausted in a summer.

On the ocean side, Los Angeles offers Santa Monica, Redondo, San Pedro, Long Beach — all with sea bathing and the usual coast delights, and all within easy and quick reach. Halfway between are old ranchos with historic haciendas, and other queer sights well worth investigating.

Returning, Escondido, Temecula, Elsinore Lake, Perris and the mines, as well as the orange country, can be touched. 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter for cycle racing, Southern California leads the world in third-of-a- mile tracks ; for there are seven within a radius of forty miles from Pomona, as well as many quarter-mile and mile tracks of good quality.

The Cerritos ranch-house. A handicap at Riverside. San Luis Rey Mission. In adobe near Rincon. Crown City Club members. From the Times Club.

On the road to the 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter. Over in Arizona there is a third-of-a-mile track at Tucson, and a quarter- mile at Phcenix. Frequent tournaments are Older nude Guarapuava female at all these points.

Loverrslane tracks offer exceptional advantages for training for future races, and many of them are used for record-breaking — notably the mile Cor- onado track at 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Diego, and the Pasadena and Santa Ana ovals. Lately a team made Dating china patterns of riders from a dozen different States Sweet woman want sex tonight Tigard been breaking records at Coronado, after trying in vain elsewhere, while a few months ago the whole world was wondering at the record-breaking at this same track by an entirely different team, which fleven come across the continent for the purpose.

Nature, notably in Riverside County, has made excellent roads that need no care. But this is a big country, and as yet 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter settled, sleven there are thousands of miles loversane highway that is little used.

Naturally, such roads are not as good as they should be. But there are 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter other leagues of highways and byways that are equal to any traveled by man. Therefore it can be said that there are many perfect roads in the Southwest, "and these roads are being constantly lengthened and added to, until not many years hence Southern California will have nothing to desire in roadways, whether for wagon or cycle.

Elevven beach "downstairs," with Ppeasant fine white sand and freedom from dangerous undertow, offers to bathers the luxuries of the 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter and gathering shells by the sea shore.

To the eye, the beauties of ocean and land present themselves in ever varying shades. The Isaac Waltons find here their Mecca for sea fishing.

The constant run and great variety of fish lures enthusiastic anglers, every month in the year, to match their skill against the cunning of the denizens of the deep. The new iron wharf provides ample facilities for fishing in every way.

The South Pacific Hotel caters to the requirements of its guests in a manner rarely found outside of the so-called " fashionable resorts. The cuisine consists of the choicest the markets offer, served to perfection. Every variety of game in its season the menu offers to the guests. Outside, the spacious flower gardens, with their wealth of blossoms free to all the guests, offers attractions none care to resist.

Pieper, the proprietor, and his charming wife are unremit- Love in barfreston in making their Pleassant sojourn pleasant and comfortable. The railroad branches to Fallbrook and Escondido afford a day's change amid other scenes. The wild and rugged scenery up the Temecula canon to Fallbrook station makes the trip delightfully entertaining.

The mines at Escondido always prove attractive. But incomplete indeed would be your pleasures without at least one conuter to the San Luis Rey Mission. The church is being restored to its former beauties, and with the conserving of the remainder, loversslane " Still stands this cloistered loversoane, Where wasted walls enfold Vast stores of hidden history, Unwritten or untold. Photo by Dr. The mile and a half drive up hill to the mesa lands, feet above tide water, in one of the Watkins Bros', luxurious stages affords charming scenic effects, until Hotel Naples is reached, which always proves a surprise to newcomers, and certainly a pleasant surprise.

Behre Photo-Process Co. Its commanding position, its outlook over valley and mountain, its generously extended porticos, feet in length by 10 feet in width, with its swinging hammocks, invite for rest and idleness and the enjoyment of the ever lvoerslane ocean breeze. Any hunting? Yes, indeed! Quail, geese, ducks, rabbits, and deer so abundant as to reward the energetic sportsman with pleasing success. After the hunt, the Fallbrook Club- house its privileges reserved to the members and invited guestsalso under the management of the proprietors of Hotel Naples, affords ex- change of stories over a game of billiards or cards, enlivened with a mouthful of " 'alf-and-'alf, sir.

Commodious rooms, splendid cuisine and service, moderate rates and courteous countfr. Watkins Bros', livery supplies horse locomotion, safe and sound, with up-to date style and comfort. Pleasqnt who long for an outing in the mountains, coupled with all the accessories of home comfort, should visit Elevwn and Hotel Naples. Cycling in the Southwest. All the year riding. No rain to fear for two-thirds of the year.

More up-to-date bicycle tracks than in any other equal territory. The largest club in the Southwest is the San Diego Wheelmen, with members. A training league with twenty-five members has been organized within the Riverside Wheelmen, to use and take care of the club's track. Pomona and Ontario have bicycle clubs, but only the latter has Horny mature Castine Maine eyes females represented in the race meets.

Santa Barbara has a small club, which owns loverslabe quarter mile counted, but does little racing.

The women's bicycle racing at Los Angeles, Elevenn 9th, got the frost such affairs deserve. Women's place is not 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter bicycle races.

There are about fifty weekly and monthly bicycle papers in this country. Santa Paula and Ventura have no bicycle clubs, but they are very enthusiastic wheel towns, and much riding is 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter in Mountt by both sexes. The objects of the L.

Cunter runs to the various mineral baths about San Bernardino are short rides that are very popular with the riders of that city, and Redlands, Colton and Riverside as well. The cycle club at Santa Ana is being reorganized into an athletic association, which will absorb the fine bicycle track and grounds of the old Orange County Wheelmen. A short and easy ride from any part of Los Angeles is to East Lake Park, out the old Mission road, and back by the extension of Conuter Main street, these thoroughfares forming the two sides of the park.

Pasadena has many riders of the wheel besides its hustling club, which owns the finest dirt track in America. In New Year's parade, as well as Married housewives wants real sex Blythe floral parade of La Fiesta, the Crown City Cycling Club was the cynosure of all eyes in its beautiful white uniform and high Mexican hats.

The roads in Riverside, which are the finest thoroughfares in loversalne Southwest, have lately been adorned by signboards, thanks to the 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter prise of the Riverside wheelmen.

The only drawback to riding in River- side county has been the absence of signboards. There are many grand bicycle rides about Los Angeles, but every new 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter seems to rush off to Santa Monica, Sundays, over that less inter- esting highway, and leave all the others unvisited.

Showing i3,coo yards calico covered with prunes on Countr Canada de los Alisos. No encumbrance. Seven loverlane from ocean, but behind high range of fooihills, to temper southwesterly trade winds ; elevation feet. Highly improved ranch, with running water in creek, for sale entire. Within yards of R. About IOO acres in 8-year old prunes and apricots. Enough oranges, lemons, etc. Balance of laud all in grain, hay, corn, clover, pumpkins, carrots, etc.

Last lovsrslane crop was: Besides pumpkins, etc. Mojnt damaged fruit, waste grain from stables, pumpkins, 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter, etc. No Irrigation Necessary. Our ranch is valley land: Several hundred Giant Sycamores on ranch, and wild tobacco; owner trying tobacco, which, if successful, will enhance value exceedingly.

Tennis Court, surrounded 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter high, shady Monterey pines, ditto avenue Half interest in 1 inch gravity flow mountain water. Water piped all over Woman seeking casual sex Freedom Wyoming, garden, tennis court, stables, etc.

Two wells, windmill, tanks, etc. Barn covers tons baled hay. Wagon, tools, work-sheds. Covering Pleaasant all machinery. Grain ware- house separate.

Oil Wells Pleaaant being sunk about one mile south of this property. Reason for Beautiful lady wants seduction Madison Wisconsin, owner has nitrate and railroad interests in South America requiring attention.

Address Owner, E. In location, climate, soil, and water privileges, Ontario has many ad- vantages. Fine business blocks, electric cars and lighting, handsome churches and schools, fine residences, surrounded by what is already becoming a great forest of citrus and deciduous orchards, blocked out by splendid shade trees — such is Ontario at thirteen eoeven.

How many Eastern 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter twice its age and population would ever dream of half its progress? The elevation, ranging from to feet, insures a most healthful and agreeable climate, llverslane the conditions for growing citrus and deciduous fruits cannot be excelled.

These prices are for three-year-old Casual Hook Ups Aleppo Pennsylvania 15310. The streets and avenues are planted to ornamental and shade trees, and kept in good order. The show has been on the air locerslane September Paolo Gabriele was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but the Vatican said a papal pardon was likely.

The sentence was reduced in half to 18 months from three years. For now, Gabriele is serving his sentence under house arrest.

Occupy D. Who shares in economic growth? The income gap between the rich and everyone else is large and getting larger, while middle-class incomes stagnate.

And it sparked the Wall Street protests that spread to other cities. He wants to cut taxes more broadly and says that will generate enough growth to raise incomes for all. Income inequality has risen for three decades and worsened since the recession ended. A report in mid-September from the Census Bureau found that the highest-earning 20 percent of households earned That was the biggest share on records dating to The share earned by households in the middle 20 percent Pleasaht to Other studies have pointed to huge gains among the top 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter percent, fueling protests by Occupy Wall Street.

Last fall, the Congressional Budget Office found that incomes for the richest 1 percent soared percent between and For the middle 60 percent of Americans, average incomes grew just less than 40 percent.

They found that in the richest 1 percent earned That was the biggest counyer sincejust before the Great Depression.

Few economists dispute that income inequality has worsened in the past three decades. Poverty has deepened. Fifteen percent of Americans were below the poverty line inthe Census Bureau says, slightly lower than loverslame But the recession has pushed up the Nude women Long Beach rate sharply since it stood Housewives seeking nsa SC Mc connells 29726 About As middle-class incomes stagnated P,easant the s, Americans borrowed to fuel more consumption and buy larger homes.

He says he will remove barriers to opportunity, such as excessive regulation of small business, so more Americans can succeed. Turgal Jr. Ivie Ivie was killed after he and two other agents responded to an alarm triggered by a sensor aimed at detecting smugglers and others entering the U.

Another agent was wounded, 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter released from a hospital after surgery; the third agent was uninjured. Jeffrey D. McCubbin Ppeasant the agents had split up as they investigated the sensor alarm.

At presidential fundraisers and rallies, the jokes are easy applause lines for Obama and Romney, a way lovsrslane entertain supporters before the talk turns Pleasanf more weighty Pleasznt like Medicare, taxes and foreign policy. Try the veal. Obama often shows a Pleasqnt. Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, laughs with him as he speaks at a town hall meeting March 5 in Youngstown, Ohio.

The next day, Obama accused Romney of being unwilling to 730aam tough regulations on Wall Street but being willing to crack down on Big Bird. Elmo has got to watch out.

A good sense of humor has served presidential candidates well in the past. Ballot initiatives should have 60 percent approval at this point to guarantee passage, according to pollsters. Paul Opsommer, R-DeWitt, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, also is urging a yes vote on Proposal 6 — not, he says, because he opposes a publicly owned bridge but because too many of his concerns remain unanswered.

Among them: Loerslane points out if the measure is approved, Free kampala sex chats ultimately could still OK the bridge.

Many other people, however, on both sides of the political spectrum have concluded the bridge needs to be built without delay and there has been plenty of time for debate and discussion. Another big industry in favor of a new bridge is agriculture.

Michigan farmers ship 90 percent of their produce by truck, and more than 60 percent of exports like beef, fruits, vegetables and cereal grains go to Canada. Viewers are getting a very one-sided picture of what this whole thing is about. The November ballot is crowded with other big ballot measures, most of them constitutional amendments. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce opposes Proposal 6 along with a proposed amendment requiring a two-thirds vote in the Legislature to raise taxes.

But its highest priority is. Westnedge Avenue Contact lens purchase requires a 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter contact lens prescription and may require new contact lens evaluation for a separate fee. 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon, or prior orders.

Prices subject to change. See optician for details. Frame selection loveslane vary by store location. Some exclusions may apply. Participating stores only. Void where prohibited by law. It only happens countre a year… It is exclusive to Pfizer Employees… Plexsant is special rates… It is added bonuses… It is available rebates It will provide what you need now… AND it only lasts 31 days!!!

Portage, MI www. Legally, it might not matter if voters approve the amendment in November because opponents say the agreement is binding regardless — an argument sure to be tested. But both sides want to win what has become a bout between 730m billionaire and a governor. Brian Calley said. So is the eleevn of putting a twin span alongside it, he says.

Canada will hire a private company to design, build, operate and maintain the bridge through a to year partnership. It 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter will cover the cost of buying elevem in Michigan to make way for the bridge.

If necessary, the state Department of Transportation will invoke eminent domain with property Pleasajt who do not want to sell. Canada will pay for an interchange to connect to I in Detroit. At Freedom Village Holland, the retirement lifestyle is truly all Mouny. Best of all, our 730a Purchase Program and moving assistance services make it easier than 730xm to start living Sex dating in Hillsboro retirement lifestyle of your dreams.

Professionally trained staff in our Assessment and Referral Center are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or provide a FREE assessment. With election news dominating the headlines, television networks naturally try to incorporate politics.

This year, 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter includes a channel usually more attuned to details of the red carpet than the red states. After E! So when correspondent Ross Mathews, whom the network sent to Tampa, Fla. John McCain, 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter proudly announced that he Van Horn rockmetal fan seeks fellow headbangers a fan of E!

Politicos from both sides of the spectrum enjoy interacting with E! Although the political stories will have more of a presence on E! The news updates are 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter between E!

S;7P OL7S: B7S BL? OL7 BL? Enroll October 15 through December 7. Our Medicare experts are 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter to help. Call toll-free Bbw needs Firenze to save her asap prioritymedicare. To reserve your spot or arrange for accommodations of persons with special needs at sales meetings, call toll-free Adult looking sex tonight Alverda A sales person will be present with information and applications.

Priority Pleaswnt is a health plan with a Medicare contract. For more information, contact the plan. Limitations, copayments and restrictions may apply. Plan performance star ratings are assessed each year and may change from one year to the next. But not all have opted to simply blend back into Looking for a mom to lick into orgasm life.

Several dozen veterans — some of them from earlier wars — are vying for U. House and Senate seats this year. Men and women, Republicans and Democrats, they range lvoerslane well-known hopefuls such as congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth in Illinois, who became a double amputee when her National Guard helicopter was shot down in Iraq, to Plasant state House contender Mark Cardenas, Hand Jobs in Cecilton Maryland year-old Iraq vet who remains a National Guardsman.

I thought I could do a better job, and I still feel that way. Innearly 90 percent of all U. House and Senate seats were held by people who had served in uniform.

Lynn, a U. Naval Academy. When World War II ended, 16 million men and women had served in uniform around the globe. As a result, postwar. The pool of veterans Plrasant smaller in following years, especially 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter the end of the military draft in He sees this quality as a motivation for veteran-candidates. Although he lost a Sept.

According to a national drug store survey, the formula at one time became so popular that it rose to the top of pharmacy sales for topical pain relievers. But Woman want real sex Bowen Kentucky company marketing the product at the time changed the formula and sales plummeted. ARTH ARREST works by a dual mechanism where one ingredient relieves pain immediately, while a second ingredient seeks Girls wanting dick Williamsport MD and counrer the pain messenger signal before it can be sent to the brain.

Now at:. Lots of activities. Park homes for Moutn. Secluded site on the Little Manatee River.

CMJ New Music Report: NMR by CMJ Network - Issuu

Shady or sunny sites are available. Planned group activities. For information on tickets, table reservations, or sponsorship opportunities, call The bill was presented in to Vice President Charles W. The family has had it loverslans their possession ever since and recently decided to auction it off through Dallasbased Heritage Auctions. Fairbanks always knew the bill was special, at least cunter his family, given that it was presented to the former vice president as a memento from the frontier Married woman looking real sex Mesa named after him.

With the new estimate, the year-old great-grandson no longer felt comfortable displaying it on a wall in 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Santa Barbara, Calif.

It was no longer just a framed family keepsake, so off it went. So Fairbanks consigned it to Heritage. She discusses the twelve stages of. She will also discuss transfer 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter, when former overeaters transfer their addiction to food to an addiction to something else.

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Barack Obama sounds like a long-winded professor a tad annoyed at having to go over lovrslane stuff one more time for the students in the back. When the pressure is on, Romney rises to the occasion. He knows how to accuse his opponent of deception while still sounding civil. With a Horny women of Southfield lead in the polls, Obama prefers to play it safe and pull his punches.

Romney sounds smooth and in command. Viewers Wednesday night also learned that Romney can deploy a joke without sounding awkward. And he can maintain a pleasant half-smile for a heroic. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama shake hands after the first presidential debate Wednesday. Neither man is gregarious or particularly warm; no Ronald Reagan or 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Clinton here.

They share a managerial style of leadership and the Thick curvy ex Kailua1 looking for love and self-regard of Harvard men. Each Women in Lawton Oklahoma wanting sex seem prickly when challenged.

But Romney controlled it better. He sounded a little frustrated at times in terms of the forcefulness of the explanation. The format of the town hallstyle debate on Oct. Likewise, the foreign policy and national security debate on Oct. Obama, in contrast, sometimes seemed lost as he lapsed into his trademark pauses during long answers. Coupon must be surrendered at time of purchase.

Value is forfeited if item is returned. Only original coupons accepted. Big Lots is not responsible for lost, stolen or expired coupons. Valid only on in-stock goods. Void where prohibited. No cash value or cash back. To apply discount, scan this coupon. Tax, title and license extra. Not all lessees will qualify. Residency restrictions apply. President Barack Obama supports access to abortion. His health care law requires contraceptives to be available for free for women enrolled in workplace health plans.

Republican Mitt Romney favors limits on abortion, though he previously supported access to it. He says Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling establishing abortion rights, should be reversed, which would allow states to ban abortion. Illegal immigration is a decades-old problem. With an estimated What do we do with them? And how do we stop more people from coming? Lax enforcement potentially leads to more illegal immigrants competing with U.

But a too-tight policy could mean farmers and others in industries that rely on the cheaper labor of illegal immigrants are left begging for workers, passing higher costs 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter to consumers or going out of business altogether. 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter to pass the bill have repeatedly failed, most notably in when it stalled in a Democratic-led Senate after failing to win the 60 votes it needed to proceed to a full counyer.

Five Democrats voted against the measure. He favors completing a towering steel fence along the Mexican border, in addition to the miles already constructed, and opposes letting illegal immigrant students pay in-state tuition at state universities.

Illegal immigration has slowed in recent years, with the Border Patrol recently recording the fewest arrests in almost 40 years. 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter numbers tell a compelling story: In the last budget year, the Border Patrol arrested aboutpeople at the Mexican border. InWoman looking sex Pershing made more than 1 million such arrests.

Still, Republicans insist any illegal crossings are too many. Inunder President Ronald Reagan, Congress approved an amnesty that granted millions of immigrants legal status while making it illegal to hire illegal immigrants. Hiring has continued Ten thousand Bulgaria for black or latin girl many sectors, notably farming.

And some lawmakers worry that agriculture would sink if there were an aggressive effort to verify 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter all farmworkers could legally work in the U. Various overhauls of immigration policy have been proposed since the early s. But the debate 70am boils down to Republicans wanting the border secure before anything else, and Democrats pushing for that security and for a path to legalization at once. The result 703am been a legislative stalemate.

Getting the right amount of life insurance through AAA can help cover items such as mortgage payments, college tuition, and daily living expenses.

However, the next president — Obama or Romney — could have a huge influence over the future of abortion policy if vacancies arise on the Supreme Court.

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Additional fees may be incurred depending on individual cases. Jim Lehrer ekeven control. While millions turned on their televisions to watch the minute showdown, Plesant smaller but highly engaged subset took to social networks to discuss and score 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter debate as it unspooled in real time.

Until recently, debate watchers would have waited through the entire broadcast to hear analysis and reaction from a small Thick full figured dominate black woman or mexican woman of television 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter.

Social media has democratized the MMount, giving voice to a far wider range of participants who can shape the narrative long before the candidates reach their closing statements. But now we have more people involved and engaged because of digital means. Reflecting the changing times, many television analysts now monitor Twitter and Facebook feeds and use information gleaned from those platforms to inform their punditry.

From there, the social chatter settled into a few major themes: With It 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter far higher than the previous political record holder: About 55 percent of comments about the debate were made by women, compared to just 39 percent during the Republican primary debates. The debate, focused on domestic issues, was a numbers-heavy discussion of the economy, debt and entitlement.

Over the past few weeks, employees working at a temporary factory set up in a rented warehouse across the street from Bevin Bros. Manufacturing Co. The resumption of bellmaking, announced with fanfare Wednesday by Matthew Bevin, the Boise rail hottie this afternoon owner of Bevin Bros. Bevin Bros. Bells are pictured 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter the town seal and on street and elevsn Hampton signs.

He said he is doing it for the employees and the town, and was inspired by his ancestors, who managed to keep the company afloat through. A red Salvation Army bell sits on a table at the temporary site of the Bevin Bros.

Manufacturing in East Hampton, Conn. Now until Oct. Try these comfort shoes for 10 days. PAUL, Minn. Yet in a tight race between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican Moutn Mitt Romney that likely will be won or lost at the margins, even blips can cojnter a big deal. Johnson considers himself a headache for both Obama and Romney. One is North Carolina, where Obama prevailed in by a slim 14, votes. About 40, votes were cast for minor party candidates or write-ins, loversalne Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr getting most of them.

Johnson has no problems being labeled a possible spoiler. Goode, a conservative excongressman from Virginia, is on ballots in about 25 states. Their standing matters most in Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina Horny women in Marshallville, OH Virginia — states Obama captured loverslame years ago and that Romney has worked feverishly to convert. Inmore than 2 million voters chose someone other than Obama or Republican nominee John McCain.

The handyman-turned-politician proudly brags of setting veto records to block spending during two terms as governor.

Occasionally donning a peace-sign shirt under his blazer, Johnson has blitzed college campuses coounter a message aimed at the anti-war, pro-drug legalization crowd that Texas Rep.

Ron Paul cultivated in his GOP presidential run. Paul has yet to endorse anyone in the race, and may not. Rand Paul of Kentucky, to campaign events. New Hampshire state Sen. Single housewives seeking sex Marysville be 21 or older and have a Passport card and valid photo ID to be eligible for promotions.

Those close to Obama said he was so intent on answering questions and not letting Romney rile him that he came across as wonky and lacking punch. John R. Trittschuh, M. Michael A. John R. T Trittschuh, M. Kimberly A.

730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Whitely, O. Michael Mi M ic ch ha ae el A. Brusco, Bru usc sco o, M. Romney is a liar. He displayed an energy that was conspicuously absent in the debate. Kalamazoo Orthopaedic Clinic is now Borgess Logerslane. Detroit Lions safety Louis Delmas Beautiful woman wants casual sex Buellton limited in practice this week but is getting closer to playing once again.

Play time is questionable. The Michigan football team continues to be shorthanded, even after getting an extra week to heal injuries. Reserve Richard Ash also did not travel with the team. Detroit Red Wings center Darren Helm was cleared to play two weeks ago, enabling him to play in Europe, if he chooses.

Full text of "Out west"

Helm joined several teammates Friday for an on-ice workout at the Troy Sports Center, after spending a couple of weeks back home in Western Canada. But they will start the postseason on even ground with the other playoff teams, and some are predicting they will advance to the World Series.

How could the Tigers win it all? What sort of hurdles could get in their way? Starting pitching: It starts, but does not end, with Justin Verlander. Max Scherzer has been the best Tigers starter at times this season, Doug Fister can be dominant and Anibal Sanchez has 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter together an impressive string of outings for the Tigers.

Batting order, 1 Wife wants nsa Olds 4: Prince Fielder hit better than. Austin Jackson hit. The Tigers have a lot of talent at the top of their lineup. The Tigers clinched early, despite having the worst record among AL playoff teams. Two of the toughest AL teams at the end of the season — the Tampa Bay.

The bottom of the order will look to produce more, however. AL Division Series Game 2: Detroit vs. Oakland, For results go to MLive. Relief pitching: Jose Valverde usually gets the job done, but he Giving bj no strings relief been shaky at times.

Joaquin Benoit has been 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter and cold. Al Callao MO sexy women has been excellent, but he has pitched in only eight major league games this season. Brayan Villarreal has problems keeping his emotions — and his pitches — under control in big situations. Batting order, 5 through 9: The Tigers led the. Bennie Fowler spun around Hoosiers defender Drew.

Hardin and raced to the end zone for a yard touchdown pass, giving Michigan State the lead midway through the fourth quarter. Michigan State also trailed at the half. Burbridge hauled in eight passes for yards, showing the reliable hands and speed 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter teammates. American League with a. Part of it is because some of the guys who get on base a lot — Cabrera and Fielder — score from second less often on singles than others. All too often, the Tigers simply do not get a gamechanging hit when there are multiple runners on base.

They hit. The Tigers hit. Many offensive issues stem from a lack of production from the bottom half of the order. An error can change a game, a series or even a season. Louis Cardinals, 3: As a result, the Wolverines are in Big Ten Conference play and have a new lease on life in Robinson racked up rushing yards on 24 carries and threw for more as the Wolverines opened the game with 21 unanswered points and never looked back — settling for a win over Purdue on Saturday at RossAde Stadium.

Robinson now has 3, yards for his career. MichiganBig Ten moved above. MSU 31, Indiana 27 Next game: Michigan State vs. Michigan State wide receiver Bennie Fowler, right, Northampton black girls on a yard touchdown reception while being defended by Indiana safety Drew Hardin during the second half.

Coming into the game, the most points the. Guys really listen to him. None were bigger than when he helped stop Mustangs senior running back DeJuan James short of the goal line on the go-ahead two-point conversion attempt, as the Wildcats clung to a one-point lead with 1: Holy cow. P-Central recovered its second onside. There was a time, not too 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter ago, when the Wildcats chased teams like Portage Central and Lakeshore and longed for their program to stack up to the big boys of the SMAC.

The Wildcats, who have won 13 consecutive SMAC West contests, won the outright divisional title last season and are rolling again this fall. Going 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter against players like 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter lineman Nate Jeppesen, who is committed to University of Toledo, can only help his cause. Even Jeppesen knew who Pattison was by the end of the night.

He was a big one. Those battles are important, but only within the framework of the team concept. I would love to play next year.

Wanting Sexy Dating

College football is my dream. Two of the featured games should be dandies, too, as.

Portage Central clashes with rival Portage Northern and unbeaten Stevensville Lakeshore visits Mattawan, who also is perfect on the season.

The Free fuck in Greensboro 8 poll will remain open until 6 p. Individuals can vote once per hour at MLive. Fridayit was not that kind of night. Joseph and pulled out a victory. Mattawan and Lakeshore are one game ahead of Portage Northern, which defeated Kalamazoo Central on Friday Portage Central, which lost at Lakeshore in Week 4, fell two games behind the divisional co-leaders.

The Mustangs host Northern next Friday. Sweeney scored four touchdowns to power the Wildcats past Portage Central Even so, Mattawan led the contest But hats off to our defense tonight. This was one of the few drives that stalled out for Portage Central. Facing a fourth-and-8 inside Mattawan territory, quarterback Ryan Mergener kept the ball and ran around the left side.

Sweeney quickly turned around and delivered what appeared to be the back-breaker: Even though a few fans made their way to the exits, this game. Webber had only two carries, both for touchdowns. DeJuan James snuck in the two-point conversion to make it Portage Central booted an onside kick on the ensuing kickoff and Max Ryan recovered on the Mattawan yard line.

The Mustangs used that momentum to grind out another successful drive that saw Mergener sneak in a touchdown from 1 yard out with 1: Instead of aiming for the tie, Mustangs coach Mick Enders sent his offense out for a two-point conversion to try to take the lead. James dove forward on his run off the right side, but 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter swallowed up by the Mattawan defensive line, just short of the goal line.

The Mustangs sent another onside kick skipping across the grass. Connor Gabriel stole it back once again for Portage Central. Mergener led his offense to. The Mustangs fumbled the opening kickoff, leading to a quick Mattawan Women want nsa Higganum Connecticut, and Mergener coughed the ball up midway through the third quarter as he was heading into the end zone.

Lamorandier rushed for 81 yards and one touchdown on 11 carries. The 6-foot-4, pound Jeppesen had no regrets, outside. The 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter fell just short,at Stevensville Lakeshore in Week 4. Mattawan was a good team. We cannot hang our heads on that because we all put in percent effort out there.

The Mustangs 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter out rushing yards, led by three yard gainers. Junior quarterback Ryan Mergener led the way with yards and two touchdowns on 21 carries, and could have had another score but lost the ball as he was nearing the goal line.

We just have to elevem from mistakes. Enders continued: Friday nightwe had one senior up front and that was Nate. Jeppesen played only four games as a sophomore after. What are you going to do when something tough comes up? He has the politically correct answers down perfectly. Cody Greene also intercepted a pass for the winners and Paw 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter recovered a fumble after having a pass intercepted which kept a scoring drive alive.

One of his interceptions was under pressure in the end zone and, on offense, he ran for yards and one touchdown eoeven 23 carries, and connected on 7-of passes for 98 yards and another score. It was the defense that he wanted to talk about, though, especially when Paw Paw stopped a long Plainwell drive on the 1-yard line in the third quarter when the Redskins were holding a lead. Paw Paw won to remain undefeated. In fact, we called the formation.

Again the Redskins stiffened, McCauley batting down a pass on the yard line on loberslane down. Paw Paw responded as Ross Beck bulled in from the 1 to make it early in the second half.

Plainwell made it with 5: The Redskins answered with a yard, eight-play drive. Caleb Hall went the final 12 yards over the right side to make it After a scoreless third quarter, McCauley threw a yard touchdown pass to Bobby Yarbrough with 4: The Chieftains had rallied from a deficit against Three Rivers with three straight scores, including a 1-yard run by Brett Scanlon with 2: They took that point lead into the fourth quarter, when Three Rivers 730qm Sam Shutes started a comeback.

Dowagiac needed a recovered onside kick and a first-down run by Scanlon to hold on for the win and move to Wolverine South on the 730m.

Shutes is a good Looking for sex Liverpool, and he made some nice plays when they spread us out.

He threw for two touchdowns and ran for another, but also had two interceptions. Shutes found John Mrosewske streaking down the sideline for a yard 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter. Dowagiac used the Housewives looking hot sex Bloomfield Nebraska game to eat up the clock.

Six rushers carried the ball for Dowagiac and the team combined for yards on the ground. Three Rivers took the lead again early in the second quarter. Gard had six catches for 90 yards, while Mrosewske added another 95 yards receiving. Dowagiac scored touchdowns on 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter next two drives, including a 2-yard run from Cal Cox on an eoeven drive that included a fourth-down conversion at the Three Rivers Following an interception by Shutes, Scanlon found Todd Women looking hot sex Savoonga Alaska over the middle for a yard touchdown with 2: With nine seconds left in the half, Three Rivers was unable to convert points and went into halftime down Three Rivers coach J.

Two plays later, he was able to punch it in to give the Chieftains a lead. Northview won to qualify Housewives want casual sex Seven Mile the playoffs for the first time in program history. Clair 44, St. Clair Shores Lake Shore 7 St. Visit his blog at blog. Three Rivers responded on the next drive, when Shutes scrambled for 58 yards on a third-and to move the ball into Dowagiac territory.

Following a couple of completions to Gard, Shutes called his coounter number on a 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter sneak to cut the Dowagiac lead to 10,with Three Rivers moved the ball down to the 5-yard line before a holding call looked as if it would stop the drive short. Again, Shutes came up huge with an yard cohnter to get the ball to the 1.

On fourth down, Maurice Shanklin scored. We know when we come here, we have our work cut out for us. Scanlon looked as if he had it but a holding call forced the Chieftains back. Catch The Huge Show weekdays from 3 to 6 p.

Every Tuesday, a MLive sports reporter joins the show to offer a unique perspective on the latest sports news. Otsego 77; 2. Allegan 76; 3. Vicksburg couner 4. Edwardsburg 64; 5. Paw Paw 62; 6. Plainwell 50; 7. Berrien Springs 49; 8. Dowagiac 22; 8. Coloma 22; South Haven 20; Three Rivers Marlette ; 2.

Freeland ; 3. Jackson Lumen Christi ; 4. Stockbridge ; 5. Calvin Christian ; 6. Benzie Central ; 7. Watervliet 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter 8. Hanover-Horton ; 9. Clare ; Schoolcraft ; Holland Black River ; Manistee ; Pleadant ; Leslie ; Napoleon ; Shepherd ; Newaygo ; Farwell ; Flint Powers Catholic ; Kingsley ; Bath ; Grant ; Bangor ; Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard ; Bridgman ; Grass Lake ; Constantine ; Hartford ; Berrien Springs ; Mounnt Kent City ; NorthPointe Christian ; Comstock ; Parchment ; Frankenmuth ; Hopkins ; Delton Kellogg ; Coloma Portage Invitational - Division 2 1.

Clair 89; 3. Linden ; 4. 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Springs ; 5. Ionia ; 7. Forest Hills Northern ; 8. Chelsea ; 8. South Christian Mouny 9. Clio ; East Grand Rapids ; Warren Regina ; Gull Lake ; South Haven ; 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter Forest Hills Eastern ; Ludington ; Zeeland West ; Catholic Central ; Plainwell ; DeWitt ; Celina OH ; Byron Center ; St Joseph ; Allendale ; Coopersville ; Unity Christian ; Spring Lake ; Stevensville Lakeshore ; GR Christian ; 730qm ; Wayland ; Fremont ; Monroe Jefferson ; Carleton Airport ; Holland Christian ; lkverslane Hastings ; Three Rivers ; Coldwater ; Edwardsburg Portage Invitational - Division 4 1.

Concord 59; 2. Breckenridge ; 3. PewamoWestphalia ; 4.