Tips For Choosing Wedding Dresses And Shoes

Choosing your wedding dress and shoes are two of the most important decisions that a bride needs to make. We have compiled some of our best tips to help you with making these crucial choices to ensure that your special day is as memorable as possible.

Tips For Choosing Wedding Dresses

1. Give yourself plenty of time

If at all possible, start searching for your wedding dress about nine months to one year before your wedding date. You need to order your dress in advance to make sure there is enough time for any alterations to be made and for you to have your dress in plenty of time before your special day.

2. Set your budget

When you are setting the budget for your wedding dress make sure you factor in costs like alterations, shipping (if you aren’t purchasing off-the-rack) and taxes. Also keep in mind that most shops will require around a 50% deposit on your wedding dress. Use a credit card so that you have a record of your payment just in case any problems arise. If you plan ahead and set a realistic budget it will help you find the wedding dress of your dreams that you can actually afford.Food is also very important factor in any wedding so you need to make an appointment with corporate catering Manchester in advance.

3. Before you go shopping, become familiar with wedding dress silhouettes.

Take the basic outline of your dress into consideration and try to not get lost in all of the different wedding gown terms. There are six broad categories of bridal gown silhouettes: mermaid, fit-and-flare, sheath, A-line, empire and ball gown. Try one one of each of these the first time that you go shopping for your wedding dress. You will soon discover which ones work the best with your body type. Choosing the silhouette of your dress will help to considerably narrow down the enormous range of options that are available. You can then start making decisions on secondary criteria, like embellishments, sleeves and neckline.

4. Use a private Pinterest board to help you narrow down which wedding dresses you like the best.

Browse through all of the latest styles and pin your favorites. After you have done that, take a step back and search for similarities among your favorite dresses. You should start to notice some commonalities among the styles that appeal to you the most, whether it is fabric, silhouette, or designer.

5. Limit the number of people you take with you to shop for your dress.

The more people you take with you, the higher the chances are that you will end up being confused and overwhelmed. Many bridal consultants recommend that you only take two or three people with you. Make sure to take people who will have your best interests at heart and can be completely honest with you.

6. When trying on dresses, keep an open mind.

A dress that might not look that great on the hanger could end up looking fantastic on you after you actually have it on your body. Also, a dress that you love online might end up falling flat in person.

7. Test out how comfortable a prospective wedding dress is

Make sure to move around in the dress – walk up and down the aisles of the store, dance, sit down. Follow your instincts: select a dress that flatters your body and is comfortable, instead of something trendy. If you need to keep pulling on top due to being worried about a wardrobe malfunction, skip. If a certain gown is so tight that is makes it hard for you to breathe, skip that one too. You definitely don’t want to spend most of your special day battling your wedding dress instead of being able to enjoy yourself and relax.

8. Ultimately, you and you alone should select the wedding dress that feels right for you.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a dress that everybody else wants you to wear and doesn’t feel right to you. It is your dress and your special day, after all. You should feel confident and beautiful in your wedding gown. When it comes down to to, you are the only one who can make the best choice, not your mother or maid of honor or anyone else. If you aren’t sure if it really is “the One,” try imagining yourself walking down the aisle towards lovely marquee hire in the dress. If your answer is yes, then you have found the wedding dress of your dreams! If not, keep searching.

Tips For Choosing Wedding Shoes

1. Functionality and comfort are key

When looking for wedding shoes, you still need to keep in mind some important factors that are key for any pair of shoes. You still need to walk around in your wedding shoes, so comfort and functionality are key no matter how good you want them to look. You may find the most beautiful shoes in the world, but if you are unable to walk in them comfortably, then they aren’t the right ones for you. When you are walking down the aisle, you will want to look beautiful and graceful, especially since everyone will be looking at you.

2. Remember to break your wedding shoes in

Maybe you tried your shoes on in the store and they seemed to fit just fine. However, there is more to finding the ideal shoes than just simply trying them on and then walking around a bit. You will most likely be walking around and on your feet a lot more than you might think on your wedding day. You will have to wear your shoes when you are walking down the aisle towards marquee hire North Wales, taking photos, and standing around both during and after the ceremony. Make sure you spend some time walking on various surfaces like tile, hardwood floors and carpet to make sure the shoes aren’t too slippery. Also try to walk up and down stairs to make sure your shoes don’t rub uncomfortably or slip out. Make sure you break in your shoes thoroughly before your wedding day so that they will be comfortable and you can avoid any of these potential problems.

3. Match your shoes with your wedding dress

Even if you will be wearing a floor length dress, most likely your shoes will still peek out underneath the hem. The best way of making sure that your wedding shoes match well with your dress, is to take a fabric swatch of your dress material to the shoe store with you. That way you will be able to compare the texture and colors of the shoes to your wedding dress. You may think you know what the exact shade of ivory or cream your dress is, however even if you are off slightly it can make a big difference. It is also very important to consider how matte or shiny the shoes are to see how reflective they will be in various kinds of light. Also remember that the higher the heel on the shoe is, the longer your wedding dress will need to be. Make sure that the heel height on your wedding shoes are appropriate for the length of your wedding dress.

4. Allow your personality to shine through

You can always choose a bold, bright design or color for your shoes, if you don’t care about matching your shoes with your dress. That is an excellent way of incorporating some fun and quirkiness into your wedding outfit without needing to be too outrageous. You can try to match your shoes with your wedding’s theme or color scheme.

5. Check out the weather

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, then you will definitely watch to keep a close out eye on the weather since it can affect many aspects that go into your special day. It can also affect the kind of shoes you decide to wear. For example, if our wedding ceremony is going to be on grass, then a better options will be wedges instead of stilettos. Your heels could get ruined if there is a chance it might rain, so plan accordingly. It could be a good idea to have a pair of functional flats or boots with you and then change into your stunning heels to wear to your reception.

6. You can wear your wedding shoes again

You will definitely be able to wear your wedding shoes after your special day, unlike your wedding dress. It isn’t easy to find that perfect balance between functionality, comfort, style and price, but since you can wear your shoes again, it might be worth it to spend a bit of extra money and time to find the ideal pair.

7. Make sure to have a good backup plan

Many brides choose to wear their wedding shoes for the ceremony and photographs and then have a different pair of shoes to wear to the reception. Having a backup pair of shoes is a good idea just in case something happens to your main pair, like discomfort or a broken heel. It is also a good idea to have a different pair, like flats, to be able to dance in at your wedding reception.