School Gender trial school teacher ‘had sex with student on wife’s wedding dress’

Married school teacher ‘had sex with Pupil on wife’s wedding dress’

A TEACHER romped his wife’s wedding dress with a few of his students, a court heard.


SHOCKING: The prosecutor told the court Ball romped together with the victim in a chapel

Music teacher Simon Ball, 42, had sex with two of the “gifted” pupils and even took one of them to find the morning after pill when the condom split, prosecutors alleged.

Ball allegedly assaulted three schoolgirls from ages 13 to 16 in a school in North Yorkshire between 2001 to 2004.

The teacher, of Greenwich, London, denies four counts of indecent assault against previous pupils and five counts of engaging in sexual intercourse when in a place of trust.

Peterborough Crown Court heard how the 42-year-old was provided a warning for “inappropriate behaviour”.

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MAPPED: Ball allegedly assaulted three schoolgirls from ages 13 to 16

“Then pulled up her skirt and started kissing her vagina”

Among the pupils fell in love with the man and didn’t want to watch him get in trouble, prosecutors alleged.

Prosecutor Gregory Perrins explained: “If she moved into the room she remembers the suspect pushing her against the wall and then beginning to kiss her again and then pulled up her skirt and started kissing her anus.

“Following that incident she then explains the way that there were then a lot more sexual encounters between the defendant.

“He’d come to her home and have intercourse with her at her bedroom, at times the parents were out, but sometimes the parents could be at home asleep.

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PICTURED: Among the pupils fell in love with the man, prosecutors alleged

“On occasions he’d sneak into the home and they would have sex in her bedroom.”

He informed the court how Ball romped together with the sufferer in a chapel and in his own home on his wife’s wedding dress.

Mr Perrins said the music teacher is no more with his wife Hannah Atherton.

He said: “In the minute you’re likely to hear that she sufferer believed she was in love with him.


ALLEGATIONS: Even though investigations were recovered, the man moved to a school in Cambridgeshire

“It’s not stated that he used force against her but he took good advantage of the feelings she needed and groomed her over a period of time.”

The teacher allegedly indecently assaulted two schoolgirls to a school excursion when he sat in the rear of the coach with the duo.

Balls held one student’s hand beneath a blanket in the black and massaged a different pupil’s back.

One victim explained how she was “incredibly upset” and in the years following the incident started to have sexual activity with the teacher, the prosecution alleged.

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MUSIC TEACHER: He reportedly had sex with two of the ‘gifted’ pupils

A study into the allegations was set up when he left to function at school in Cambridgeshire.

No charges had been brought at the time.

He was suspended in 2015 allegations.

The jury had been told how Ball pleaded guilty to five different counts of intercourse by a person in a place of trust in May in the second school this season after he was interviewed by cops last year.

Cops then revisited allegations that was made in 2004 in the first school.