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Roopal Tyagi was known outside to be a gifted and the upcoming new actresses in the Indian Television. She has even worked up as the Indian choreographer also. She was now watched out from the reality show in Large Boss Season 9. She made her way as the choreographer in 2007. Then she made her acting debut by the role of Mansha in   the play Hamari Betiyoon Ka Vivaah. She even featured herself in the acting from the play named as Ek Nayi Chhoti Si Zindagi.   She was nominated up in the year 2014 since the Indian Telly awards  for Fresh New Face  since Gunjan.

Speak About Woman Roopal Tyagi Personal Life:

Actress Roopal Tyagi was constantly open up as approximately co-actor and boyfriend Ankit Gera. But now after staying silent for so many months she’s brust up about the anger of the breakup. Ankit Gera and Roopal have been in the fast adore connection since they were incorporating up collectively TV show   Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke as on-screen couple. But Roopal created the announcement they’ve broke up as in July 2015 as she was cheated from real life. But now both are no longer on speaking terms. Ankit Gera goes on towards another celebrity Ada Khan in the time of becoming in relation with her.

Roopal Tyagi Wedding Pictures Husband Title Marriage Dress Makeup

Was Adda Khan The Cause of Split of Ankit-Roopal?

           Adda Khan was the very first girlfriend of Ankit Gera as before Roopal Tyagi however Ada Khan missing her mother and solely for the sake of sympathy Ankit and Ada started getting close together. Situations gets worse when Roopal captured both of these collectively since Ankit was celebrating his birthday using Adda Khan in Goa. Roopal even stated that she slapped him in the time when he attempted to talk to him and will smack him if he ever tries to talk to her.   Adda Khan was even shocked that Ankit was in relation with two girls at the same time and she abandoned him also.

Actress Roopal Tyagi Wedding Strategies:

Actress Roopal Tyagi is only at age 26 therefore she feels right now her primary destination and complete concentration is in her future. She does not wish to consider her married plans. She’s single and is not dating anyone at the moment! But whenever she will get married she is going to share it with the fans.